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The fluid injector system includes a source of injection fluid, a pump device, a fluid control device operably associated with the pump device, and a fluid path set in fluid connection with the source of injection fluid and the pump device. The fluid path set includes a drip chamber including an elo ...

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A guidewire with collapsible filter system where a deployable, collapsible and retrievable filter attached to a guidewire tube is utilized for filtering thrombotic particulate from blood flow in the vascular system during thrombectomy or other interventional vascular procedures.

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A pneumatically-operated thrombectomy catheter deployment system having a plurality of components collectively acting as a drive unit, including a double-acting air cylinder, a reciprocating assembly including a positionable four-way valve, a high pressure pump, an effluent pump, a compressed air ta ...

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A thrombectomy catheter deployment system which greatly simplifies setup procedures and operation of a thrombectomy catheter includes a stand alone drive unit and a disposable pump/catheter assembly which is manually placed into a carriage assembly in the drive unit. The pump/catheter assembly has a ...

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An atherectomy system having a variably exposed cutter wherein a distally located positionable tip closely associated with the cutter and a high pressure fluid jet emanator can be variably and angularly deployed about a hinge mechanism subsequent to entry into the vasculature. The fixed cutter slice ...

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The present invention pertains to a miniature flexible thrombectomy catheter having one or more flexible miniature noncollapsing tubular portions including pushable and torqueable structure for introduction into the smaller vessels in neurovascular regions. A jet body having an arcuate fluid jet ema ...

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A cross stream thrombectomy catheter with a flexible and expandable cage preferably formed of nitinol for removal of hardened and aged thrombotic material stubbornly attached to the interior of a blood vessel. The cage, which can be mesh or of straight or spiral filament design, is located close to ...

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An exhaust-pressure-operated balloon catheter system which is a cross stream thrombectomy catheter, such as, but not limited to, an Angiojet® catheter with a flexible and expandable balloon, wherein the balloon is formed from and is continuous with the catheter tube which, in part, forms the cross s ...

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A syringe for use with an injector includes a body having a rear end and a front end, a plunger movably disposed within the body, an attachment member associated with the body and adapted to releasably engage a syringe retaining mechanism of the injector regardless of the orientation of the syringe ...

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A syringe includes a body having a distal end, a proximal end and a center section therebetween, a plunger movably disposed in the body, and a hollow alignment flange for orienting and manipulating the syringe.