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A point of sale system includes at least one computer, a keyboard, and money receiving, dispensing and storing mechanisms. The keyboard has item keys corresponding to an item for sale, category keys, function keys and a numerical pad.

George D Margolin, Victor V Vurpillat: Automatic money handling device. Auto Register, David S Woronoff, February 10, 1981: US04249552 (116 worldwide citation)

An automatic money handling device for receiving bills and coins and for dispensing bills and coins as change. The device has a storage reel, first and second bill belts extending from a first and supply reels around a first and second entrance rollers at an opening to the housing then to the storag ...

William K Mangum: Knot pusher for videoendoscopic surgery. David S Woronoff, March 14, 1995: US05397326 (95 worldwide citation)

Four embodiments of videoendoscopic knot pushers are shown having a main body and first and second fingers whose ends are shaped in a smooth rounded shape to guide a suture and knot into position with a patient's body. The finger members define either a "V" shaped cleft or a smooth walled channel be ...

Noris S Azcua, George D Margolin, Audrey Miller: Point of sale terminal having prompting display. Auto Register, David S Woronoff, April 3, 1984: US04441160 (44 worldwide citation)

A point of sale terminal includes a computer, a keyboard, and a key-controlled prompting display for eliminating a need for the attendant to memorize sales information. The keyboard has a set of first item keys each of which corresponds to a different first item. The prompting display lists a large ...

Douglas A Schmechel: Wall assembly and method of making the same. David S Woronoff, June 11, 1996: US05524400 (35 worldwide citation)

A wall assembly of a building structure which utilizes a plurality of panels having preformed grooves thereon and supports which interface with these grooves. Supports are positioned within the various grooves of each of the panels and are appropriately interconnected. In one embodiment, these panel ...

Joel S Kreiss: Target in a bowl or urinal to attract the attention of urinating human males. David S Woronoff, August 30, 1977: US04044405 (33 worldwide citation)

A target fixedly connected to a urinal or toilet to attract the attention of human males.

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A compact, high-torque electric motor in which one motor element (either the stator or rotor) has magnetic poles whose effective magnetic width is substantially equal and which span equal center angles. The second motor element has a plurality of armature groups, each of which occupies a phase secto ...

Donald J Kinkade: Contoured anatomical mouthpiece. Kinkade Family Partnership, David S Woronoff, April 20, 1993: US05203324 (30 worldwide citation)

A mouthpiece for use in diving or medical equipment, among others made of moldable resilient material having an offset between upper and lower jaw, a bite plane which is tapered with the bite plane formed by wings which have varying thickness to create the taper in which the wing members have substa ...

R Paul Clayton, Rod A Bowling: Animal slaughtering chemical treatment and method. Monfort of Colorado, David S Woronoff, August 1, 1989: US04852216 (29 worldwide citation)

A material and method for processing meat in production in which the meat, both carcass and head, which can proceed on different production lines, is rinsed and treated with acetic acid after hide removal. The water and acid are maintained at a temperature of between 80 and 150 degrees fahrenheit. T ...

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A class of snap fasteners is described each of which includes at least one male and at least one female member. The female members have at least one socket portion which may be in the nature of a cavity in a hollow housing accessible by a fenestration in a face wall which is normally exposed or acce ...