Takao Inaba, Minoru Numoto, Kenji Sakai, Manabu Satoh: Wafer polishing apparatus. Tokyo Seimitsu, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, May 9, 2000: US06059636 (41 worldwide citation)

Sensors detect a stock removal of a wafer during polishing, and a CPU calculates the stock removal in accordance with information from the sensors. The CPU compares the actual stock removal detected by the sensors and a model stock removal stored in RAM, and determines timings for dressing and repla ...

Hans Leysieffer: Device for electromechanical stimulation and testing of hearing. Implex Spezialhorgerate, David S Safran, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, November 10, 1998: US05833626 (41 worldwide citation)

A device for electromechanical stimulation and testing of hearing in which an electromechanical transducer transmits audiologic signals as mechanical deflections via a coupling element from the outside, noninvasively through the external auditory canal, by direct mechanical coupling with the manubri ...

Arpad Furst, Martin Danzl, Johann Mayer, Stefan Miklosi: Lengthwise movable vehicle roof. Webasto Karosseriesysteme, David S Safran, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson P C, August 6, 1996: US05542735 (41 worldwide citation)

A vehicle roof with at least one roof cover part that can be opened during driving in the manner of a sunroof by being moved into at least one open position on guideways arranged in roof parts lying laterally to it in the lengthwise direction of the vehicle. A rear roof part that is stationary, at l ...

Franz Josef Kortüm, Michael Kempter, Günther Hammerschmid: Air conditionable vehicle seat. Webasto Thermosysteme, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, July 3, 2001: US06254179 (39 worldwide citation)

A climate controlled vehicle seat for interior climate comfort in motor vehicles, more specifically, the ease of climate control via a motor vehicle seat, is increased based upon a fluid for transport of heat or cool to a corresponding heating or cooling element, or a combined heating/cooling elemen ...


Franz Josef Kortüm, Reinhard Wecker: Process for auxiliary air conditioning of a motor vehicle. Webasto Vehicle Systems International, Nixon Peabody, David S Safran, September 30, 2003: US06626003 (38 worldwide citation)

Process for air conditioning of the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle by means of an air conditioning system (

Allan Pedersen, Xia Chen, Guohui Li, Chen Liang: LED bar. Martin Professional, Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole P C, David S Safran, October 16, 2012: US08287144 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to LED bar modules where the LED groups are placed at a pixel board. The present invention further concerns a method for calibration of LEDs. It is the object of the invention to achieve a highly efficient LED bar for generating a bar of light. A further object of the i ...

Karsten Nielsen: Pulse modulation power amplifier with enhanced cascade control method. Bang & Olufsen, Karsten Nielsen, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, October 2, 2001: US06297692 (37 worldwide citation)

A digital switching power amplifier with Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Controlled (MECC) includes a modulator, a switching power stage and a low pass filter. In the first preferred embodiment an enhanced cascade control structure local to the switching power stage is added, characterised by having ...

Rainer Uhl: Point-scanning luminescent microscope. David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, July 11, 2000: US06088097 (37 worldwide citation)

A point-scanning luminescent microscope, especially for studying biological objects, has at least one collimated light source for producing an excitation light beam, an optical arrangement which focuses the light of the excitation light source on an object to be studied, at least one detector arrang ...

Jeffrey Townsend, Steve Knecht: Tension assisted ankle joint and orthotic limb braces incorporating same. Townsend Design, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, June 22, 2004: US06752774 (37 worldwide citation)

An improved limb brace joint includes a band that operates in tension to rotationally bias first and second longitudinal members of the joint. The band of the joint biases the rotation of the members to provide a dorsiflexion and/or plantarflexion assist when used in an ankle foot orthosis.

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