Marlowe R Richards: Muzzleloader firearm system. David R McKinney, February 1, 2011: US07877919 (12 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments of a muzzleloader firearm system are claimed and described.

Bruce Bolinder, Joe Bolinder: Removable sign support system. David R McKinney, February 13, 2007: US07175141 (10 worldwide citation)

A removable sign support system for supporting a sign on the ground includes a substantially upright support post, configured to removably receive a sign post. The support post has a substantially horizontal base affixed to its bottom end, with a plurality of spikes downwardly extending from the bas ...

Bryan Richards: Transit system. David R McKinney, May 23, 2006: US07047888 (10 worldwide citation)

A point-to-point transit system for riders includes an elongate guideway, a plurality of autonomous vehicles disposed in the guideway, a plurality of selectively actuable rider access portals in the side of the guideway, and a control system, configured to automatically guide the vehicles within the ...

Marlowe R Richards: Muzzleloader firearm with quick-release breech plug. David R McKinney, June 1, 2010: US07726058 (8 worldwide citation)

A muzzleloader firearm has a barrel with at least one lug retaining structure that includes an internal annular groove and an internal annular shoulder that is both adjacent the annular groove and positioned between the annular groove and the breech end of the barrel. Each annular shoulder is provid ...

Jeff Abel: Fish net with length measuring scale. David R Mckinney, December 1, 2009: US07624529 (3 worldwide citation)

A fish net, comprising a frame, and a net, attached to the frame, and including a length measuring scale disposed on the net, configured to allow a user to determine a size of a fish held in the net by visually comparing the fish with the length measuring scale. In one embodiment the length markings ...

Danelle Larsen: Adjustable blind for oddly-shaped windows. David R McKinney, June 10, 2008: US07383870 (2 worldwide citation)

A window covering for an oddly-shaped window includes a panel, having a flexible bottom edge, and a top edge attached at a top of the window. The panel is configured to be drawn upward by the bottom edge to uncover the window, and to lower to a substantially planar configuration to substantially cov ...

Danelle Larsen: Lowerable blind for irregularly-shaped windows. David R McKinney, December 4, 2007: US07302985 (2 worldwide citation)

A window covering for an irregularly-shaped window includes a panel, comprising accordion folds, configured to fold up at a base of the window, and to raise and unfold to a substantially planar configuration. A top edge of the panel is shaped to match a top shape of the window; and a pull cord is at ...

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A floor drain system includes a generally rectangular drain grate having a plurality of drain apertures, and a drain body, having a circular lower portion defining an outlet and configured to mate with an underdrain structure, and an upper portion defining an inlet configured to receive the drain gr ...

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An EPROM cell includes a semiconductor substrate, having source and drain regions, a floating gate, including a semiconductive polysilicon layer electrically interconnected with a first metal layer, and a control gate, including a second metal layer. The floating gate is disposed adjacent to the sou ...