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The relative motion and force between two interconnected elements can be controlled by a semi-active damper to minimize the instances of the motion exceeding acceptable limits, while maximizing isolation between the elements. Applying an algorithm to the control parameters of the damper provides exc ...

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A traction fluid useful in automotive power transmitting equipment includes a base fluid of polymers of at least one olefin which contains 3 to 5 carbon atoms, hydrocarbon molecules containing non-aromatic cyclic moieties, or mixtures thereof; a low-temperature viscosity control agent selected from ...

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The present invention is directed to a composition made by reacting A) an aldehyde of 1 to 12 carbon atoms or a reactive equivalent thereof; and B) at least one etheramine represented by the formula

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A structure comprising a polymeric film substrate and a glassy coating of silicon dioxide heavily doped with at least one metal selected from the group consisting of antimony, aluminum, chromium, cobalt, copper, indium, iron, lead, manganese, tin, titanium, tungsten, zinc, and zirconium, provides im ...

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The present invention relates to a method comprising the steps of introducing into a well borehole a composition, comprising water and an amount, sufficient to reduce drilling torque, prevent sticking or twisting of a pipe during drilling, or release a stuck pipe in a well borehole, of (A) at least ...

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Polyolefin substituted carboxylic acylating agents having reduced chlorine content of less than 2,000 ppm and a degree of succination of 1.1-2 have been made from polyisobutylene, chlorine and maleic anhydride. The acylating agents are further reacted with amines and/or alcohols to form dispersants ...

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An electrorheological fluid of a particulate phase and a continuous phase of a hydrophobic liquid medium, a certain dispersed particulate phase, and a low molecular weight polar material exhibits a broad effective temperature range. The dispersed particulate phase comprises a polar solid material wh ...

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A system for measuring the quality and level of lubricant in an engine lubricant reservoir includes a valve for selectively directing a portion of lubricant from the engine through a first conduit for return to the engine or through a second conduit for removal from the engine. Within the first cond ...

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This invention relates to a composition comprising a mixture of a brine and a liquid oil, and (A) an emulsifying amount of (i) at least one reaction product of a hydrocarbyl-substituted succinic acylating agent, and at least one of (a) ammonia, (b) an alcohol, or (c) an amine, or at least one salt o ...

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Continuously variable transmission can be lubricated by supplying to them a composition of (a) an oil of lubricating viscosity; (b) a dispersant; and (c) a detergent. At least one of the dispersant (b) and the detergent (c) is a borated species, and the amount of boron present in the composition is ...