Robert Stephen Potratz: Lightweight inflation device. David M Pankros Attorney at Law, April 26, 2016: US09322406

A lightweight inflation device for outputting a low-pressure airflow to inflate an air bladder includes a body defining an airflow chamber and a plurality of air manipulation elements disposed within the airflow chamber. At least one of the air manipulation elements is a rotor including a plurality ...

Daniel Aires: Ergonomic guitar. David M Pankros Attorney at Law, July 14, 2015: US09082374

An ergonomic electric guitar includes a neck frets, a plurality of strings, and a body. The body includes a bridge having a nominal string anchor point for the strings, an upper bass bout including a front strap attachment mechanism having a front strap attachment point that is disposed within a pre ...

Michael Alan Rothschild: Mirror for mobile phone camera. David M Pankros Attorney at Law, September 8, 2015: US09128243

A mirror for a mobile phone camera includes a body having a generally planar first side and a second side, a foot disposed on an end of the body having a first side and a second side; and a fastener disposed on the first side of the foot. The second side of the body and the second side of the foot f ...