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A homogeneous concentrate suitable for use as an additive for lubricating oils is formed from a long chain succinimide and a benzotriazole by heating a mixture of these materials in the presence of water or alkoxylated amines or dihydrocarbylphosphites or dihydrocarbyl phosphonates (or mixtures of s ...

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A silicon semiconductor device having contacts which include tantalum. The tantalum is useful in particular for fabricating Schottky barrier diodes having a low barrier height. The method includes: precleaning the silicon substrate prior to depositing the tantalum; depositing the tantalum at low pre ...

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A negative exposure mask is prepared by forming a positive mask image of a first metal layer on a transparent substrate and applying a layer of resist which is exposed through the back of the substrate and developed to form a lift-off mask. The lift-off mask is used to form a negative mask image of ...

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Positive photoresist layers including a base soluble resin and a diazo ketone sensitizer are treated with hydrogen ion following initial exposure to achieve changes in the developed resist profile and/or development in a negative mode.

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A resist mask comprising two layers of resist, one of which is saturated with a dilutant which does not dissolve the other. In one embodiment, the two layers of resist are applied upon a substrate, the first layer of which is more soluble in a developer. The second layer is said saturated resist and ...

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Semiconductor materials are cleaned after silica polishing by treatment with an aqueous quarternary ammonium salt solution followed by rinsing in water. The treatment coagulates the silica sols and suspends them so that they do not form a film on the semiconductor surface. The treatment preserves th ...

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Improved durability of shift-feel frictional characteristics in automotive transmission fluids is achieved by use of an initially substantially inert (friction-wise) compound--viz., an aliphatic tertiary amine having one long chain and two short chain groups--incorporated into a formulation which is ...


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A racemic mixture of a chiral, silicon bridged transition metal metallocene, which is substantially free of meso isomer, is precipitated directly from a reaction mixture as it is formed by reacting an organic solvent solution of an alkali metal salt of a silicon bridged ligand with a transition meta ...

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A synthetic oil is made by a process comprising (a) isomerizing at least a portion of a vinylidene olefin feed to form an intermediate which contains tri-substituted olefin and (b) reacting said intermediate and at least one vinyl olefin in the presence of a catalyst to form a synthetic oil which co ...