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An article including a spinal prosthesis having a unitary body with at least three attachment points attachable to spinal structure, the unitary body including a flexure assembly positioned between first and second attachment members, wherein flexure of the flexure assembly permits movement of the f ...

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An article including a facet prosthesis at least partially mounted in a lumen artificially formed between superior and inferior halves of a facet joint, and an elastomeric cushioning element disposed in the facet prosthesis.

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A tacker for applying a rotary tack, including a drive shaft coupled to a trigger, wherein operating the trigger causes rotation of the drive shaft, an articulated applicator arm pivotally connected to the drive shaft at a pivot, the articulated applicator arm including a rotatable output shaft conn ...

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A method and device for measurement of a level of at least one blood constituent. The device includes a light source and a light detector proximate the surface of an organ. The device also includes a pair of adjustable gain amplifiers and a processor/controller connected within a processing unit. Th ...

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An intraocular lens assembly including a lens, a haptic, and a leverage arm connecting the lens to the haptic, wherein the leverage arm is adapted to apply a lever force on the lens acting generally along a chord inwards of a perimeter of the lens.

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A radiotherapy system including a collimator operable to shape and steer a radiation beam in at least one dimension, a turntable for supporting a patient thereupon adapted to rotate the patient about a rotational axis, the patient having a target therein for irradiation by the radiation beam, a dete ...

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An endoprosthesis including a first articulating member formed with a generally concave articulating surface, and a second articulating member formed with a generally convex articulating surface which articulates with the concave articulating surface, the first and second articulating members each h ...

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A spinal prosthesis including a first spinal attachment member attachable to a first posterior portion of a spinal structure, a second spinal attachment member attachable to a second posterior portion of the spinal structure, the first and second posterior portions being adjacent superiorly-inferior ...

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Electrosurgical apparatus including a plurality of electrodes adapted to deliver radio frequency (RF) energy to a tissue and a manipulator in operable connection with the electrodes adapted to move the electrodes. In one embodiment, the electrodes comprise helical electrodes, which may be configured ...

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An expandable bone device including a unitary body extending along a longitudinal axis and including a deformable distal end portion having a collapsed orientation for placement adjacent a spinal structure, the deformable distal end portion including relatively wide, mutually contiguous support surf ...