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The present invention discloses a construction for key management module functionality which provides for secure encoding and decoding of messages which are up to two blocks long. A method for generating an encoded value having a first encoded value part and a second encoded value part from an unenc ...

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A content distribution system and method which prevents unauthorized access to secured content such as movies and music. The apparatus includes a source, a receiver, an authorized security device such as a conditional access module (CAM) for decrypting authorized content, an output device for output ...

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Disclosed is a search mechanism comprising: accepting search intent information from a user having a search intent; creating a semantic taxonomy tree having term(s) representative of the search intent information; augmenting the term(s) with associated concepts derived from the term(s) using existin ...

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An interval centroid-based watermark encoder encodes a watermark into a packet flow. Intervals are defined for the packet flow. Some of the intervals are selected as group A intervals while other intervals are selected as group B intervals. Group A and group B intervals are paired and assigned to wa ...

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The present invention relates to methods and systems for creating secure cookies. The methods can be used to create, receive, and transmit secure cookies, confidential cookies, and authentication cookies.

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An apparatus and method for storing and playing high definition content is disclosed. This invention provides a mechanism for storing and playing back high definition content on a medium such as DVD optical disc. One aspect of the invention is that elementary streams may be multiplexed and processed ...

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A method and apparatus to support a hierarchical architecture which integrates wireless mobile terminals into networks such as the Internet. This architecture provides for efficient packet transfers over mobile wireless networks by efficiently allocating wireless resources. Label Switched packet for ...

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The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for manufacturing trusted devices. A licensing authority provides keying information to a multitude of manufactures that insert the keying information into trusted devices. The trusted devices generate final private and public keys using the key ...

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A method for embedding a watermark into content is disclosed. The content contains content samples. The method including the steps of: receiving the content, creating a continuous watermark sequence from the watermark, and for each content sample in a first predetermined order: calculating a sample ...

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A motion transform is implemented for calculating the motion field between two images. An optical flow calculator is configured for generating an image motion vector field by iteratively comparing a predicted image with a second image frame, the predicted image being produced based upon a first memo ...