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In a thin film transistor, a gate insulating film having a first insulating film and a second insulating film is formed on a gate electrode, and a semiconductor layer including ZnO etc. is formed on the second insulating film. The first insulating film is formed by using SiN

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A license storage key is provided for securely storing information regarding which licenses have been purchased for a network of computers, how many of each license have been purhcased, and any time limits associated with each license. An application program to be run on a computer must be assigned ...

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The present invention provides a surgical grasper device that comprises a generally elongate housing member having a handle member at a proximal end and first and second grasping arms at a distal end. First and second grasping elements are preferably releasably attached to the first and second grasp ...

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A preparation process of polyimide aerogels that composed of aromatic dianhydrides and aromatic diamines or a combined aromatic and aliphatic diamines is described. Also descried is a process to produce carbon aerogels derived from polyimide aerogel composed of a rigid aromatic diamine and an aromat ...

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This invention provides a liquid crystal display device including a display medium layer containing at least a liquid crystal material sandwiched between a pair of substrates. In this liquid crystal display device, at least one of the pair of substrates is a plastic substrate having first irregulari ...

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A method of stopping bleeding around a catheter when an insertion sheath is removed is disclosed. This method involves using a novel tapered hemostatic device that can be moved along the catheter tube into the puncture site. The tapered hemostatic device of the present invention has an inner diamete ...

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The present invention relates to a smoking article, preferably in cigarette form, which produces an aerosol that resembles tobacco smoke. The article preferably comprises a short combustible fuel element having a density greater than 0.5 g/cc, a separate substrate bearing an aerosol forming material ...

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The liquid crystal device of this invention includes a liquid crystal layer between a pair of substrates, wherein column-shaped spacers are disposed for controlling a gap between the pair of substrates, and each of the column-shaped spacers has a portion for substantially controlling the gap between ...

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The present invention preferably relates to a smoking article which is capable of producing substantial quantities of aerosol, both initially and over the useful life of the product, without significant thermal degradation of the aerosol former and without the presence of substantial pyrolysis or in ...

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Methods, apparatus and sensors are described for detection of specific ligands in a fluid sample by measuring ligand-specific changes in the bulk electrical conductance (or resistance) of a fixed test volume, with antiligand or ligand localized in or near that volume.