Egon Storch: Penial appliance. David Fink, September 28, 1976: US03982530 (156 worldwide citation)

A penial appliance for use in connection with a male organ of a person, featuring a base and a plurality of spaced apart elongated members extending from the base and defining an enclosure adapted to engage the male organ with the tips of the members engaging the body of the person, the enclosure ha ...

James J Genova: Non-invasive medical monitor system. Raven, David Fink, January 7, 1997: US05590650 (128 worldwide citation)

An apparatus operable for monitoring physiological vital signs of a human body without physically contacting the body is disclosed. The apparatus includes a sensor operable to transform a movement and/or acoustical wave produced by the body into an electrical signal, a signal processor coupled to th ...

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An interlocking closure device comprising two closure profiles operable for being interlocked continuously over a predetermined length features the closure profiles having different colors, whereby the position of the closure profiles on a container can be easily identified visually in order to simp ...

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A process for refining the results of a query to an internet search engine database by the use of user feedback is disclosed. It is a method to allow a user to rate the relevancy of URLs returned for a specific query. The relevancy ratings for a specific query are combined by the internet search eng ...

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A closure fastening device comprises a first channel element including hook portions facing away from each other and a second channel element including hook portions facing towards each other, whereby the channel elements interlock by pressing the first channel element into the second channel elemen ...

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A kitchen appliance which enables automatic preparation of desserts or other food products according to instructions pre-programmed into the appliance. Programmed preparation steps can include any desired sequence of heating, cooling, and mixing of ingredients placed in a detachable container of the ...

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A process for the low temperature oxydehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene uses a calcined oxide catalyst containing Mo, V, Nb, Sb, and at least one metal from a given group of metals.

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A system for displaying products generally forming a queue having a rear product on a display surface having a rear portion and a front portion, comprising an arranging mechanism operable for moving the products selectively and manually from the rear portion of the display surface towards the front ...

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A low molecular weight, anisotropic pitch consisting of essentially 100 percent mesophase and suitable for spinning into continuous filaments can be prepared by passing an inert gas through an isotropic carbonaceous pitch at a rate of at least 4.0 scfh. per pound of pitch while heating the pitch at ...

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A heat-shrinkable multilayer film suitable for use in the packaging of primal meat cut, includes a first outer layer comprising a blend of a propylene-ethylene copolymer, a (butene-1)-ethylene copolymer, and a thermoplastic elastomer selected from the group consisting of ethylene-propylene copolymer ...