David S Bradin: Biodiesel fuel. BRI, David Bradin, November 26, 1996: US05578090 (119 worldwide citation)

A fuel additive composition including fatty acid alkyl esters and glyceryl ethers, and an alternative fuel composition that includes the fuel additive composition. Also provided is a method for preparing the fuel additive composition and the alternative fuel composition. In one embodiment, the fuel ...

John D Baldeschwieler: Liposomal targeting of ischemic tissue. NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Adam Cochran, David Bradin, January 14, 1997: US05593688 (29 worldwide citation)

Liposomes of a size of less than 200 nanometers target ischemic myocardial tissue and preferentially deliver active agents to infarcted areas.

Ketan Desai: Co-administration of steroids and zoledronic acid to prevent and treat osteoarthritis. Voltarra Pharmaceuticals, Hultquist PLLC, David Bradin, October 14, 2014: US08859530 (26 worldwide citation)

A combination therapy for treating osteoarthritis is disclosed. The combination therapy includes the co-administration of a steroid and Zoledronic Acid. The coadministration of a steroid decreases the production of cytokines, and, therefore, decreases the pro-inflammatory effects of Zoledronic Acid. ...

Jong Hyun Cho, Steven J Coats, Raymond F Schinazi, Hongwang Zhang, Longhu Zhou: Purine nucleoside monophosphate prodrugs for treatment of cancer and viral infections. RFS Pharma, Emory University, Hultquist PLLC, David Bradin, December 17, 2013: US08609627 (13 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to compounds, compositions and methods for treating or preventing cancer and viral infections, in particular, HIV, HCV, Norovirus, Saporovirus, HSV-1, HSV-2, Dengue virus, Yellow fever, and HBV in human patients or other animal hosts. The compounds are certain 6-sub ...

Sandrine Bourgeois, Elias Fattal, Antoine Andremont, Patrick Couvreur: Galenic pectinate formulation for colon-targeted delivery of antibiotic-inactivating enzymes and method of use thereof. Da Volterra, David Bradin, Intellectual Property Technology Law, February 3, 2009: US07485294 (4 worldwide citation)

Forms of colonic delivery suited to be used orally and designed for colonic delivery of active ingredients selected from the group comprising enzymes capable of inactivating macrolide antibiotics and related compounds, enzymes capable of inactivating quinolones, and β-lactamases.

Thomas E Johnson, Billy T Fowler: Methods, compositions, and apparatuses for forming macrocyclic compounds. Intellectual Property Technology Law, Steven J Hultquist, David Bradin, May 4, 2010: US07709632 (2 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to methods, compositions, and apparatuses for producing macrocyclic compounds. First, one or more reactants are provided in a reaction medium, which are capable of forming the macrocyclic compound through a desired reaction pathway that includes at least cyclization, and which ...

Jack Arbiser: Proteasome inhibitors and uses thereof. Natuderm, Hulquist PLLC, David Bradin, August 19, 2014: US08809283 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to methods and compositions for inhibiting proteasome activity using cinnamate compounds. These cinnamate compounds can be formulated for topical or systemic use for skin disorders such as psoriasis.

Stephen Cadden: Dispensing apparatus. Hulquist PLLC, Frank J Bozzo, David Bradin, October 9, 2012: US08281956 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to apparatus for the storing and dispensing of products. A cartridge includes at least one sealing element adapted to engage an outer surface of an end of the cartridge to close the end of the cartridge and thereby contain dispensable contents of the cartridge. A substa ...

Raymond F Schinazi, Richard Anthony Whitaker, Tamara Rosario McBrayer, Steven J Coats: infections, including Norovirus infections, Nucleoside derivatives for treatment of. Hultquist PLLC, David Bradin, April 9, 2013: US08415321 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and composition for treating a host infected with a Caliciviridae virus, such as a Norovirus, comprising administering an effective treatment amount of a described modified nucleoside or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, is provided.

Junxing Shi: 2′-fluoronucleoside phosphonates as antiviral agents. RFS Pharma, David Bradin, November 25, 2014: US08895531 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes compounds and compositions of ®-2′-fluoronucleoside phosphonates, as well as methods to treat HIV, HBV, HCV or abnormal cellular proliferation comprising administering said compounds or compositions.

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