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A system and method that allow a subscriber to have incoming telephone calls automatically screened and directed is described. The system allows a subscriber to automatically manage his incoming communications in a way that is easy to control and which requires a minimum of unnecessary interruptions ...

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A rechargeable hybrid battery/supercapacitor electrical storage system capable of providing high energy and high power densities comprises an intercalation electrode (

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Supercapacitor cell electrode and separator elements formulated as membranes of plasticized polymeric matrix compositions are laminated with electrically conductive current collector elements to form flexible, unitary supercapacitor structures. The matrix plasticizer component is extracted from the ...

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A wide area information system includes a client and at least one server on which audio data is stored. Audio data is selectively transferred to the client from the server by at least occasionally establishing a transfer connection between the server and the client. The transfer of audio data is con ...

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The present invention relates to an adapter for connecting a multiple lumen catheter to a corresponding number of single lumen supply tubes, which allows access for further devices such as a bronco-scope or a suction catheter. The adapter comprises; a one-piece molded multiple lumen body, each lumen ...

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Disclosed is a telecommunication system that is both highly cost effective for small scale applications (for example, those having less than 80 lines), yet field upgrade-expandable to applications having a significant number of additional lines (for example, 30,000 lines). An integrated voice/data t ...

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A method for broadcasting movies within channels of a wide band network by breaking the communications path into a number of logical channels and breaking each movie up into a number of segments of increasing size. The first segment of each movie is the smallest segment is transmitted in sequence ov ...

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A video conferencing system and method that uses a central multimedia bridge to combine multimedia signals from a plurality of conference participants into a single composite signal for each participant. The system gives each conference participant the ability to customize their individual display o ...

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The present invention relates to a specialized tracheal tube and a method of using such for introduction of gasses or vapors along the trachea, such as by an anesthesiologist during the administration of anesthesia to a patient undergoing surgery. In particular, the present invention relates to a tr ...

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The present invention relates to a method for warming a patient with a blanket used with forced air convection systems, wherein the blanket includes multiple inlet ports. By providing a blanket with multiple inlets, the user has the choice of positioning the air supply or blower unit and the supply ...