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A voice recognizing apparatus includes a filter bank for deriving feature parameters of voice from a microphone and a filter bank for deriving feature parameters of noise represented by an electric signal which is directly inputted to a terminal. The voice parameters and the noise parameters are res ...




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A method for automatically indicating status information of a measuring system via an output device includes assigning status information to respective status ranges according to at least one predetermined condition, the status ranges being limited by at least one threshold value. The status ranges ...

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A method of detecting an error in a measurement cycle. The method includes wirelessly transmitting a sequence of electrical signals sweeping through a predetermined frequency band from a transmitter to the receiver of an electric evaluation circuit of household appliance controller. The levels of th ...


Tom Griffin: Device for enhancing the appeal of a video terminal. Darby and Darby, April 4, 2000: USRE036641

A three-dimensional amusement device for transforming the outer appearance of a video terminal thus enhancing its appeal and improving the state of mind of the person requiring its use, particularly when that person is a child.

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Disclosed herein is an apparatus that efficiently clears solutes from blood of patients with renal disease solely by convection and with a single filter that includes a hemofilter, a blood pump for drawing blood from a patient and propelling the blood into a mixing chamber, a mixing and detention ch ...

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Disclosed herein are methods for treating or preventing a disease in mammals having the characteristics of Type 1 diabetes comprising administering insulin or disease suppressive fragments of insulin or analogs thereof in oral or aerosol dosage forms to said mammals. Also disclosed herein are pharma ...