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A network element of a communication provider comprises transceiver apparatus arranged to receive a request message from an originating endpoint via a packet-based communication network; and processing apparatus configured to generate, in response to the request message from the originating endpoint ...

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An improved user interface is provided for displaying selectable software functionality controls and for presenting logical groupings of particular functionality controls associated with a selected top-level functionality. Underneath a row of top-level functionality tabs, functionalities controls as ...

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The techniques described herein use training data to train classification models to detect malicious Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) that target authentic resources (e.g., Web page, Web site, or other network locations accessed via a URL). The techniques train the classification models using one or ...

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Anomalous activity is detected using event information that is received from accounts from within an online service. Generally, anomalous activity is detected by comparing a baseline profile that includes past event information for accounts of the online service with a recent profile that includes r ...

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Embodiments are disclosed that relate to authenticating a user of a display device. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes displaying one or more virtual images on the display device, wherein the one or more virtual images include a set of augmented reality features. The method further inclu ...

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A virtual printer driver or proxy printer driver executed by a virtual machine communicates with a real printer driver executed by a host computer to enable application programs executed by the virtual machine to print data on printers that are accessible by the host computer.

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When an outgoing communication sent to one or more recipients contains a supported attachment type, a shared workspace that contains a shared version of the original attachment is provisioned. A modified version of the original outgoing communication is delivered to internal recipients including bot ...

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Data mapping alternatives for creating a visual representation of a set of data are presented. A set of data is identified for analysis. The identified set of data and properties associated with the identified set of data are analyzed. Based on the analysis, data mapping alternatives for the identif ...

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Tools are provided to allow developers to enable applications for Conversational Understanding (CU) using assets from a CU service. The tools may be used to select functionality from existing domains, extend the coverage of one or more domains, as well as to create new domains in the CU service. A d ...

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A spreadsheet includes a native spreadsheet object that represents a person. The person object may be used within a spreadsheet just as any other spreadsheet objects are utilized. For example, the person object may be integrated with spreadsheet formulas and other spreadsheet objects such as charts, ...