Giorgio Mezzoli: Nasal and/or rhinopharyngeal tampon. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, February 21, 1995: US05391179 (104 worldwide citation)

Nasal and/or rhinopharyngeal tampon including an elongated core, with aspiration holes, around which there is a shaped body made of elastic spongy material covered by a thin deformable membrane made of impermeable material; the core has a stem for connection to an aspiration unit suitable to make th ...

Alberto Caberlotto, Annamaria Furlanetto: Foot securing device particularly for trekking boots. Arkos S r l, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, March 8, 1994: US05291671 (72 worldwide citation)

Foot securing device, particularly usable in trekking boots, including a traction element which has a first portion which embraces the upper heel and malleolar region and a second portion which is curved at the foot instep region and defines grip loops for laces. The device furthermore includes a th ...

Lino Pasquale: Plastic bottle particularly for containing beverages and having a gripping recess. Societa Gestione Acque Minerali, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, January 31, 1995: US05385250 (53 worldwide citation)

The bottle, particularly suitable for carbonated beverages, is of the type with a substantially cylindrical shape and is provided circumferentially with at least one deep annular groove with a quadrangular cross section.

Gilberto Mattiuzzo: Device for converting solar radiation into electric power. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, August 16, 2005: US06930237 (52 worldwide citation)

A device for converting solar radiation into electric power, constituted by a substantially vertically elongated body from which multiple supporting arms for one or more modules constituted by multiple photovoltaic cells protrude in an upward region. The body is hollow and contains an inverter suita ...

Giovanni Ippolito, Gianluca Colombo: Prepaid or stored-value card with means for preventing useful fraudulent alteration. Alfi S r l, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, April 4, 2000: US06045050 (45 worldwide citation)

A prepaid card with elements for preventing useful fraudulent alteration, comprising, on a supporting element, at least one electrically rewritable permanent register, at least one temporary register and at least one control element for comparison between a usable value that is present in the at lea ...

Fulvio Reggiani: Container particulary for multicomponent products. Maplast S r l, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, October 18, 1994: US05356040 (43 worldwide citation)

Container particularly for multicomponent products, including a first tank and a second tank each having, on a respective outer wall, a median portion which rises from the wall itself. The median portion is provided with seats for accommodating engagement pins which rise from a coupling partition pr ...

Enrico Tian: Antiluxation hip prosthesis. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, July 25, 2000: US06093208 (39 worldwide citation)

An antiluxation hip prosthesis (1) has: a hollow ring nut (2) which can be secured to the pelvis and delimits a receiving seat (2a); a cotyloid cavity or acetabular insert (3) which can be accommodated in the receiving seat and delimits a substantially hemispherical seat (3a); a spherical head (4) o ...

Silvio Da Pra′: Eyeglasses preset for connection to cellular telephones for transmitting and receiving calls. FOVS S r l, Modiano & Associati, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, July 11, 2006: US07073905 (32 worldwide citation)

Eyeglasses comprising a microphone in the front part, electronic noise-reduction components, connection cables located inside the eyeglasses, and a connector for a cable for connection to a cellular telephone.

Mauro Brevi: Adjustable highchair. Brevi S r l, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, December 19, 2000: US06161898 (31 worldwide citation)

An adjustable highchair, comprising a seat which is associated with a frame by virtue of seat position adjustment elements, characterized in that the seat position adjustment elements comprise actuation elements which are arranged in an upward region of the seat which can be accessed easily.

Beniamino Miotto: Mechanical device for synchronous movement of the backrest and seat of a chair. NOWY STYL sp zo o j v, Daniel O Byrne, September 19, 2000: US06120096 (28 worldwide citation)

A mechanical device for synchronous movement of a seat and a backrest of a chair comprising a first supporting bracket which is associated with a central column which protrudes from a rotating base and is pivoted transversely to an end of a second fixing bracket for the seat. The second bracket coop ...