Huey Stogner: Duplex drill pipe wrench apparatus and method for top drilling rig drilling operations. Daniel N Lundeen, April 10, 2001: US06212976 (8 worldwide citation)

A combination torque wrench and positioning assembly are used to provide the torque wrench function to both make up/break out pipe stands and to service drill string. While serving to make up/break out pipe stands, the wrench is positioned over and used in conjunction with a rotary or powered mouse- ...

Rodney K Farrar: Model airplane kit. Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Arismendi L, October 23, 2001: US06306004 (8 worldwide citation)

A model airplane, airplane kit, and method of making a model airplane. The kit of the present invention enables children and adults to easily make a well-flying model airplane using recycled plastic foam moldings such as polystyrene food trays well known as 10-S in the food packaging arts.

Youdong Tong, Michael K Poindexter: Phosphoric triamide coking inhibitors. Nalco Chemical Company, Robert A Miller, James J Drake, Daniel N Lundeen, November 1, 1994: US05360531 (8 worldwide citation)

Inhibiting coke formation on heat transfer surfaces used to heat or cool a petroleum feedstock at coke-forming conditions. The heat transfer surfaces are treated with an effective amount of tripiperidinophosphine oxide to inhibit coke formation on the heat transfer surfaces. The tripiperidinophosphi ...

Mark C Robinson: 3D-well log invention. Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC, April 8, 2014: US08694261 (8 worldwide citation)

In an embodiment, creation of a continuous three dimensional array of data from digital information obtained from a wellbore, and representation in a seismic data formatted dataset. In an embodiment, providing the capability to export stratigraphic interpretations made while working within the 3D-lo ...

James Feine, Mohammad A Jamnia, William L Bollig: Tip-based computer controlled system for a hand-held dental delivery device. James Feine, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC, June 19, 2012: US08204612 (7 worldwide citation)

A tip-based computer controlled system for a dental delivery device is disclosed. The system automatically controls an operating characteristic such as power control or fluid flow based on tip identification and history. The operating characteristic may also be controlled in response to particular c ...

James Feine: ID system for ultrasonic dental inserts. Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Arismendi L, December 11, 2001: US06328566 (7 worldwide citation)

A color coding system and method for visually identifying and distinguishing ultrasonic dental tool inserts. The invention employs a color-coded removable cap that is used to secure a handgrip, which can also be color-coded, to the insert. The caps and/or handgrips of different inserts thus have dif ...

Stephen A Noe: Runoff rain gauge. Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, June 27, 2006: US07066021 (7 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a runoff rain gauge 100 which includes a collector tube 104, soil infiltration resistance medium 108, a runoff resistance flow element 113, a standard rain gauge 102, and runoff collection tube 114. Precipitation enters the collector tube 104 and is divided to flow into the infiltration ...

Robin J Verret, Michael J Kilchrist: Wireless tag tracer method. Turbo Chem International, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC, March 19, 2013: US08397810 (7 worldwide citation)

A fluid can be tracked in a wellbore utilizing at least one WID tag, such as an LW tag or an RFID tag, entrained in the fluid. A WID tag reader can be disposed and/or displaced in the wellbore, for example, on a drill string or a casing string. A reader can be utilized to locate the at least one WID ...

Robert D McClain: Spectrophotometric detection of hydroperoxides in hydrocarbons. Nalco Chemical Company, Robert A Miller, Joseph B Barrett, Daniel N Lundeen, November 8, 1994: US05362652 (7 worldwide citation)

A method for the determination of organic hydroperoxides in a hydrocarbon which has been subjected to oxidative polymerization conditions is disclosed. The steps employed in the invention include mixing an organic cupric salt such as cupric acetate and a phenanthroline such as 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phen ...

Ramon Perez Cordova: Oil recovery method and apparatus. Racional Energy & Environment Company, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC, January 22, 2013: US08356678 (6 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for recovering oil from oil-containing sorbents, such as drill cuttings obtained from drilling with an oil-based mud. The method includes peptizing the substrate with an acid reagent and direct thermal desorption with combustion effluent gases at high temperature under turbule ...

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