Ramon Perez Cordova: Oil contaminated substrate treatment method and apparatus. Racional Energy & Environment Co, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC, April 6, 2010: US07690445 (9 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for treating for disposal oil contaminated substrates, such as drill cuttings from drilling with an oil-based mud, by steam distillation. If necessary, the contaminated substrate 10 can be pretreated with an emulsion breaker 14. The contaminated substrate 10 can be treated wit ...

David B Manley: Demixing sidedraws for distillation columns. Daniel N Lundeen, October 28, 1997: US05680775 (9 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides one or more sidedraws, from the stripping section of a column, of a heavy key component in the presence of a desirable heavier than heavy key component. In addition, the present invention provides one or more sidedraws, from the rectification section of a column, of a ...

Brian R Hall, John B Williams Jr: Ball valve with shear bushing and integral bracket for stem blowout protection. Mogas, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, August 22, 2006: US07093819 (9 worldwide citation)

A valve 100 comprising a one piece valve body 112 having an axial fluid bore 124 and a rotatable fluid control element 110. The body 112 includes an integral bracket 128 which provides an open access area between the bracket 128 and the main body 112 of the valve 100. A valve stem 130 is disposed wi ...

Daniel Marcel Thiebaut: Integrated process for acetic acid and methanol. Acetex, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, January 25, 2005: US06846951 (9 worldwide citation)

An integrated large capacity, single-train process for making 1,00020,000 MTPD methanol and 3006,000 MTPD acetic acid is disclosed. Syngas 120 is produced by autothermal reforming 118 of natural gas 102 where the feed 112 of the natural gas is supplied with oxygen and CO2 recycle 110 to the autother ...

Rodney Farrar: Model airplane and kit therefor. Daniel N Lundeen, October 14, 1997: US05676580 (9 worldwide citation)

A model airplane, airplane kit, method of making a model airplane, a plastic foam cutter useful for making the model airplane and a method for making the plastic foam cutter. The kit of the present invention enables children and adults to easily make a well flying model airplane using recycled plast ...

James Alexander: Fence construction system. Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, April 4, 2006: US07021607 (9 worldwide citation)

A fence construction system comprises a clip attached securely to a picket of a fence. The picket is inserted in a hole of a rail and the clip secures the picket to the rail, without field welding.

Boris E Paton, Vsevolod F Lapchinskii, Victor V Stesin, Valeri A Kryukov, Victor F Shulim, Sergei S Gavrish, Alexandr R Bulatsev, Vladimir V Demyanenko, Alexandr A Zagrebelnii, Vladimir P Nikitskii, Yuri P Semenov, Svetlana E Savitskaya, Vladimir A Dzhanibekov, Alexandr V Markov, Boris I Perepechenko: Device for manual electron beam processing of materials in space. The E O Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Daniel N Lundeen, Mark R Wisner, February 9, 1999: US05869801 (9 worldwide citation)

A device for electron beam processing of materials in space designed for the performance of the technical operations of welding, cutting, heating, filler welding, tube welding, brazing, coating deposition by the method of thermal evaporation of materials under vacuum by an operator in a spacesuit du ...

Kenneth Ebenes Vidalin: Bimodal hydrogen manufacture. Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, July 29, 2003: US06599491 (9 worldwide citation)

The converting of an existing methanol plant to make hydrogen and optionally methanol is disclosed. The converted plant utilizes the steam reformer (

Daniel Marcel Thiebaut, Kenneth Ebenes Vidalin: Methanol plant retrofit. Acetex, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Arismendi, August 14, 2001: US06274096 (8 worldwide citation)

The retrofitting of an existing methanol or methanol/ammonia plant to make acetic acid is disclosed. The plant is retrofitted to feed carbon dioxide into a reformer to which natural gas and steam (water) are fed. Syngas is formed in the reformer wherein both the natural gas and the carbon dioxide ar ...

Joseph E Gallagher Jr: Method of producing prefabricated multi layered flexible products and products having improved sealing profiles resulting therefrom. Liteliner L L C, Daniel N Lundeen, June 16, 1998: US05766400 (8 worldwide citation)

A prefabricated multi-layered flexible product which can be used as a liner for an outer shell or as a stand-alone product. A substrate fabric material is placed in parallel with a synthetic film membrane to form a two ply laminate, and with outer substrate fabric material(s) to form multi- ply lami ...

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