Huey Stogner: Oil tool connection breaker and method. Access Oil Tools, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, January 14, 2003: US06505531 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a transverse bitbreaker plate, which is attached to the lower surface of a power wrench to effect the coupling or decoupling of downhole tools such as bits or stabilizers. The plate is hinged and provides a generally triangular shaped profile along through its transv ...

Robin J Verret: Method and composition for inhibiting lost circulation during well operation. Turbo Chem International, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, November 20, 2007: US07297662 (11 worldwide citation)

A method and drilling fluid additive composition are provided for reducing lost circulation and seepage loss when synthetic or oil based drilling fluid is used. The method includes injecting drilling fluid and 1 to 50 pounds per barrel of a loss control additive having a composition comprising 20 to ...

Marcee G Lundeen, Daniel N Lundeen, Milton Gaman: Reusable quick sifter. Marcee G Lundeen, Daniel N Lundeen, April 6, 1999: US05890452 (11 worldwide citation)

A flexible, reusable quick sifter for use with a litter box which employs litter of the clumping type. The sifter has an expandable or stretchable netting secured to a hydrophobic surface across an opening such as a slit in a central area of the box. On lifting, clumping litter disposed in the centr ...

Brian R Hall, John B Williams Jr: Ball valve with shear bushing and integral bracket for stem blowout protection. Mogas, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, July 31, 2007: US07249751 (11 worldwide citation)

A valve 100 comprising a one piece valve body 112 having an axial fluid bore 124 therethrough and a fluid control element 110 rotatable between open and closed positions. The body 112 includes an integral bracket 128 which provides an open access area between the bracket 128 and the main body 112 of ...

Terry A Overby: Multi-phone programming application. CellStar, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Dickinson, September 19, 2006: US07110751 (11 worldwide citation)

Automated Provisioning of radiotelephone handsets at a fulfillment center and automated quality assurance are disclosed. The provisioning uses a computer database of specifications for authentication and activation from multiple handset manufacturing vendors, radiotelephone service providers, and di ...

Youdong Tong, Michael K Poindexter: Phosphorothioate coking inhibitors. Nalco Chemical Company, Robert A Miller, Daniel N Lundeen, October 11, 1994: US05354450 (11 worldwide citation)

Inhibiting coke formation on heat transfer surfaces used to heat or cool a petroleum feedstock at coke-forming conditions. The heat transfer surfaces are treated with an effective amount of S,S,S-trihydrocarbyl phosphorotrithioate to inhibit coke formation on the heat transfer surfaces. The phosphor ...

Peter H Proctor: Hair loss treatment with ascorbates. Daniel N Lundeen, November 21, 2000: US06150405 (10 worldwide citation)

A method for treating hair loss by repeated topical application of a ASCORBATES compound, a flavine or another hydroxyl radical scavenger.

Joseph J Welkey: Apparatus for making a swiveled flow line connection. Bernard A Reiter, Daniel N Lundeen, June 20, 1989: US04840410 (10 worldwide citation)

A swivel flow line connector is disclosed for use in misaligned connections. The connector includes male and female flange tubular members and a seal ring positioned therebetween. The male member and the seal ring have mating annular spherical surfaces which are respectively convex and concave. The ...

Edward J Burgess, Timothy J O Sullivan: Vehicle anti-theft device. Daniel N Lundeen, December 20, 1988: US04791795 (10 worldwide citation)

A vehicle anti-theft device. The device is amenable for use with a vehicle having a gear lever. The device includes a removable housing which fits over and encloses the gear lever. The housing is locked in place to prevent movement of the gear lever by a bolt passing through the housing in interenga ...

Stefan Broinowski: Marine ducted propeller jet propulsion unit. Daniel N Lundeen, February 22, 2000: US06027383 (9 worldwide citation)

A tunnel jet propulsion unit (11) for marine craft, wherein the passing water mass in the tunnel is converged by decreasing the cross-section flow area of the tunnel. The unit (11) comprises an intake section (1); an impeller section comprising a cylindrical housing (31), a rotatable hub (34) and a ...

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