Terry L Cox: Plunger lock with removable core. Daniel N Lundeen, Bernard A Reiter, March 7, 1989: US04809525 (18 worldwide citation)

A plunger lock with a readily removable core is disclosed. The lock has a cylindrical housing and a core. The core is provided with a detent which is retractable when the proper key is inserted in the keyway of the core to permit rotation of the core within the housing. The rotation and longitudinal ...

Jing Ming Lee: Fixed-bed catalytic reactor. Daniel N Lundeen, February 9, 1999: US05869011 (17 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a fixed-bed, catalytic reactor wherein reaction heat can be exchanged against a heat exchange medium circulating indirectly through the catalyst bed, and a catalytic process comprising operation of the reactor. The reactor comprises a catalyst bed having internally embedded banks of he ...

Jerrel Grant: Device and method for removing asbestos-containing material from a surface. Alton W Payne, Daniel N Lundeen, September 10, 1991: US05047089 (17 worldwide citation)

A device for removing and cleaning asbestos containing material from a surface is disclosd. The device has a housing which is moved in a path to clear a swath of asbestos-containing material from a surface. A plurality of knives are positioned on an open face of the housing to make a plurality of in ...

Carl W Aften, Robert K Gabel: Clay stabilizing composition for oil and gas well treatment. Nalco Chemical Company, Daniel N Lundeen, Robert A Miller, October 6, 1992: US05152906 (16 worldwide citation)

A clay swelling inhibitor additive for oil and gas well treatment is disclosed. The additive comprises an aqueous solution of tetraalkylammonium chloride, preferably tetramethylammonium chloride and a quaternary amine-based cationic polyelectrolyte, such as methyl chloride quaternary salt of ethylen ...

George Coulter Kennedy: Liner retention system. Spickey Valves and Pumps, Daniel N Lundeen, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC, July 6, 2010: US07748310 (16 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for securing a cylinder liner to a pumping module. A first part of an assembly housing pistons is fastened to a pumping module and a second part of the assembly is brought against the first so that the pistons act on tensioning plates which each have a stud rod extending therefr ...

David B Manley, Dominic G Greene: Thermomechanically integrated distillation of close-boiling light hydrocarbons. Daniel N Lundeen, July 25, 1995: US05435436 (16 worldwide citation)

A thermomechanically integrated distillation column and method for the separation of ethylene from ethane and other close-boiling light hydrocarbons. The column has a plurality of sections operated at successively lower pressures from a high pressure subcritical section to a superatmosphere bottoms ...

Elizabeth Babaian Kibala: Naphthenic acid corrosion inhibitor. Nalco Chemical Company, Robert A Miller, Daniel N Lundeen, Andrew S Pryzant, October 12, 1993: US05252254 (16 worldwide citation)

Sulfonated alkylphenol is added to crude oil at 5 to 200 ppm to inhibit naphthenic acid corrosion of ferrous metal process piping and equipment in contact with the crude oil at naphthenic acid corrosion conditions. There are disclosed corrosion-inhibited hydrocarbon fluids, an improvement in hot hyd ...

Peter H Proctor: Topical tempo. Daniel N Lundeen, Andrew S Pryzant, October 4, 1994: US05352442 (15 worldwide citation)

Topical 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperdinyloxyl (TEMPO) is disclosed. The compound has utility in a topical pharmaceutical formulation for the cosmetic treatment of hair loss and the cosmetic stimulation of hair growth.

Terry L Cox: Master cylinder pressure-retaining vehicular anti-theft brake locking mechanism. Daniel N Lundeen, October 17, 1989: US04873824 (15 worldwide citation)

A brake locking mechanism of the anti-theft type for use with an automobile vehicular brake system having one or more fluid operated brakes, a master cylinder and an actuator for reciprocating a piston in the cylinder to apply and release the brakes. The locking mechanism has a housing adapted to fi ...

Joseph J Welkey: Swivel flow line connector. Taper Lok Corporation, Bernard A Reiter, Daniel N Lundeen, June 20, 1989: US04840409 (15 worldwide citation)

A swivel flow line connector is disclosed for use in misaligned connections. The connector includes male and female flanged tubular members and a seal ring positioned therebetween. The male member and the seal ring have mating annular spherical surfaces which are respectively convex and concave. The ...

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