Said Lounis: Method and apparatus for recovering, purifying and separating refrigerant from its lubricant. Daniel H Bliss, September 5, 1989: US04862699 (44 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for recovering and purifying a refrigerant containing lubricant from a refrigerant system. The apparatus includes an evacuation means for evacuating the refrigerant and lubricant from the refrigerant system. A reservoir means receives the evacuat ...

Richard D Bowen, David B DeNard: Decorative lighted configurations. Daniel H Bliss, October 15, 1991: US05057981 (39 worldwide citation)

A decorative lighted configuration includes a light source. A frame substantially surrounds the light source and is flexible to permit the formation of a predetermined configuration therefrom. The frame is adapted to receive one or more decorative articles.

Emile G Najm: Impact cushioning and avoiding device. Daniel H Bliss, September 25, 1990: US04958651 (25 worldwide citation)

A device for a mobility cane which assists in the cushioning of impact and the avoidance of obstacles. The impact cushioning component can be adapted at either end of the cane or built into any portion along the length of the cane.

Gregg D Wood: Wheelchair transfer mechanism. Daniel H Bliss, September 24, 1991: US05050708 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a wheelchair transfer mechanism for transferring a wheelchair over a stairway between a top and bottom landings in a staircase. The wheelchair transfer mechanism includes first and second guide rails mounted in vertically spaced relationship on each side wall of the staircas ...

Dale R Yoder Short: Interferometric measurement of glucose by refractive index determination. Board of Control of Michigan Technological University, Daniel H Bliss, December 1, 1992: US05168325 (19 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for testing the glucose level in a blood sample is provided. The method includes the step of initially filtering a sample of blood to be tested. A beam of light is provided and split into a pair of beams by a beam splitter. The pair of beams travel along generally parallel pa ...

Kenneth Cross, Ralph J Gonnocci: Power chuck. Daniel H Bliss, June 21, 1994: US05322305 (18 worldwide citation)

A power chuck includes a body, a plurality of work engaging jaws, a plurality of rocker arms carrying the jaws, and plurality of swivel mountings connecting the rocker arms to the body. The power chuck also includes a plurality of slide members connected to and matingly engaging the rocker arms and ...

Elmer Bliss: Cup assembly for bottle with attachment mechanism. Daniel H Bliss, Bliss McGlynn P C, April 3, 2001: US06209737 (17 worldwide citation)

A cup assembly for a bottle includes a body having a closed end with an aperture extending therethrough and an open end and a wall tapering from the closed end to the open end. The cup assembly also includes an attachment mechanism to attach the body to an open end of the bottle to allow a user to d ...

Kerry M Kaysserian: Holder and dispenser for multiple rolls of tissue. Gerald E McGlynn Jr, Daniel H Bliss, August 23, 1988: US04765475 (16 worldwide citation)

A container (10) for storing and dispensing, one at a time, a plurality of rolls of tissue stacked vertically adjacent one another includes tubular side walls (18,20,22,24) having a longitudinal axis and a pair of end portions (28,32) spaced from each other along the axis and being respectively join ...

John Papsdorf: Truss fabrication apparatus and method of making a truss. Daniel H Bliss, March 12, 1991: US04998336 (15 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method and apparatus for fabricating a truss including a plurality of truss components and nailers having projections for engaging the truss components at the ends thereof to form a joint. The present invention includes moving a table from a horizontal position to an incli ...

Donald A Lace Sr: Pick-up assembly for a stringed musical instrument. Actodyne General, Daniel H Bliss, August 9, 1994: US05336845 (13 worldwide citation)

A dual coil pick-up assembly for a stringed musical instrument having a plurality of moveable strings includes a case having a longitudinal channel with first and second sections. The pick-up assembly also includes first and second magnet structures disposed in the first and second sections having o ...