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Integrated circuit designs are continually shrinking in size. Lithographic processes are used to pattern these designs onto a semiconductor substrate. These processes typically require that the wavelength of exposure used during printing be significantly shorter than the smallest dimension of the el ...

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A single transistor DRAM cell is formed in a SOI substrate so that the DRAM cells are formed in bodies that are electrically isolated from each other. Each cell has doped regions that act as source and drain contacts. Between the drain contact and the body is a region, which aids in impact ionizatio ...

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A process for forming a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor structure includes forming a recess in the dielectric layer (

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A semiconductor device (10) includes a bump structure that reduces stress and thus reduces passivation cracking and silicon cratering that can be a failure mode in semiconductor manufacturing. The stress is reduced by forming a polyimide layer (16) over a passivation layer (14). The polyimide layer ...

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A communications system (30) includes a transceiver (42) for transmitting a plurality of bins. Individual bin BERs (bit-error-rates) are iteratively equalized. This is accomplished by applying a fine gains adjustment to the transmit power of the transceiver (42). Specifically, the BER of the bins is ...

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A method of detecting defective CMOS devices by quiescent current (IDDQ) behavior using a monitor circuit resident in the expendable areas of a die and/or wafer. One embodiment of the present invention incorporates a monitor unit (10) into the scribe grid of a wafer, where pads (2, 3, 4) are built i ...

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A bond pad (10) has a probe region (14) and a wire bond region (12) that are substantially non-overlapping. In one embodiment, the bond pad (10) is connected to a final metal layer pad (16) and extends over an interconnect region (24). The bond pad (10) is formed from aluminum and the final metal la ...

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