William H. Gates III
Xuedong D Huang, William H Gates III, Eric J Horvitz, Joshua T Goodman, Bradly A Brunell, Susan T Dumais, Gary W Flake, Trenholme J Griffin, Oliver Hurst Hiller: Targeted advertising in brick-and-mortar establishments. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, May 13, 2014: US08725567 (3 worldwide citation)

Architecture for presenting advertisements in realtime in retail establishments. A sensor component includes sensors for collecting information about a customer or group of customers as they move through the store. The sensors can include capability for image processing, audio processing, light sens ...

William H. Gates III
Gary W Flake, William H Gates III, Eric J Horvitz, Joshua T Goodman, Surajit Chaudhuri, Trenholme J Griffin, Oliver Hurst Hiller, Kenneth A Moss: Search guided by location and context. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Judy Yee, Mickey Minhas, October 28, 2014: US08874592

The subject disclosure pertains to web searches and more particularly toward influencing resultant content to increase relevancy. The resultant content can be influenced by reconfiguring a query and/or filtering results based on user location and/or context information (e.g., user characteristics/pr ...

William H. Gates III
Eran Megiddo, Joshua T Goodman, Jensen M Harris, Susan T Dumais, Michael V Ehrenberg, Srikanth Shoroff, William H Gates III: Communication workspace. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, July 15, 2014: US08782179

Multiple pieces of information can be arranged into a single construct that allows the employee to ascertain information quickly while at her workstation. Selection of information for placement into the construct can employ various statistical models and the like. Selective pieces of information can ...

Zhiwei Xiong, Feng Wu, Yueyi Zhang, Pengyu Cong: Depth sensing with depth-adaptive illumination. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Judy Yee, Micky Minhas, November 25, 2014: US08896594 (94 worldwide citation)

An adaptive depth sensing system (ADSS) illuminates a scene with a pattern that is constructed based on an analysis of at least one prior-generated depth map. In one implementation, the pattern is a composite pattern that includes two or more component patterns associated with different depth region ...

Tom G Salter, Ben J Sugden, Daniel Deptford, Robert L Crocco Jr, Brian E Keane, Laura K Massey, Alex Aben Athar Kipman, Peter Tobias Kinnebrew, Nicholas Ferianc Kamuda: Multi-space connected virtual data objects. Microsoft Technology Licensing, Dan Choi, Judy Yee, Micky Minhas, January 12, 2016: US09235051 (48 worldwide citation)

A see-through head mounted display apparatus includes a display and a processor. The processor determines geo-located positions of points of interest within a field of view and generates markers indicating information regarding an associated real world object is available to the user. Markers are re ...

Andrew D Wilson, Nuria M Oliver: Architecture for controlling a computer using hand gestures. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, June 3, 2014: US08745541 (40 worldwide citation)

A 3-D imaging system for recognition and interpretation of gestures to control a computer. The system includes a 3-D imaging system that performs gesture recognition and interpretation based on a previous mapping of a plurality of hand poses and orientations to user commands for a given user. When t ...

Joel S Kollin, Jaron Lanier: Changing between display device viewing modes. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, June 17, 2014: US08754831 (26 worldwide citation)

Embodiments that relate facilitating the viewing of images on a mobile device are disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a mobile device including a display screen and an image display system configured to selectively switch between a first viewing mode in which an image comprisin ...

Otto G Berkes, Steven Bathiche, John Clavin, Ian LeGrow, Joseph Reginald Scott Molnar: Distance scalable no touch computing. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, September 23, 2014: US08843857 (25 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are techniques for scaling and translating gestures such that the applicable gestures for control may vary depending on the user's distance from a gesture-based system. The techniques for scaling and translation may take the varying distances from which a user interacts with compone ...

Chuanxiong Guo, Guohan Lv, Shuang Yang, Jiahe Helen Wang: Virtual data center allocation with bandwidth guarantees. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, March 4, 2014: US08667171 (24 worldwide citation)

A virtual data center allocation architecture with bandwidth guarantees that provides for the creation of multiple virtual data centers from a single physical infrastructure. The virtual data center allocation is accomplished in three steps. First, clusters are created from the servers in the physic ...

John J Lambert, Matthew W Thomlinson, Alexander R G Lucas, James P Kelly, David S Carter, Matthew I Diver, Emma L Crowe: Identifying exploitation of vulnerabilities using error report. Microsoft Corporation, Dan Choi, Carole Boelitz, Micky Minhas, June 3, 2014: US08745703 (17 worldwide citation)

A tool and method examine error report information from a computer to determine not only whether a virus or other malware may be present on the computer but also may determine what vulnerability a particular exploit was attempting to use to subvert security mechanism to install the virus. A system m ...

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