John P Daleiden: Resuscitator having directional control valve with internal "PEEP" adjustment valve. Specialty Packaging Licensing Company, Dallett Hoopes, May 5, 1992: US05109840 (203 worldwide citation)

The directional control valve housing in a squeeze bag resuscitator includes a duck-bill element which permits inhaling from the bag as the duck-bill opens, and spontaneous exhaling as the periphery of duck-bill is pushed away from its seat. An adjustable spring urges the periphery against its seat ...

Gerald F Bushner: Golf putter. Dallett Hoopes, January 23, 1990: US04895371 (167 worldwide citation)

Putter head has bore behind and parallel to the face. Pin is disposed in bore having weight adjustable therealong. Modification includes tail centrally backward from main portion, the tail having a bore also enclosing a pin having a weight mounted adjustably on it. Changing or adjusting the weights ...

Larry C Sledge: Tablet dispenser. Tredegar, Dallett Hoopes, January 4, 1994: US05275291 (134 worldwide citation)

A child-resistant, elderly friendly dispensing container comprises a housing having an opening in its top wall and a drawer which slideably fits in the housing. The drawer has a front cavity section and a rear latch section. The latch section includes a horizontally disposed resilient panel formed w ...

Gordon C Gilroy: Aerosol package having compressed gas propellant and vapor tap of minute size. Dallett Hoopes, July 10, 1990: US04940171 (85 worldwide citation)

Aerosol package employs a compressed gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide as propellant and provides a tiny vapor tap in the aerosol valve body to permit, in a restricted controlled way, the passage of the propellant gas into the aerosol valve. The diameter of the vapor tap is preferably in t ...

Chris Bonewald, Robert A Coerver: Whipped cream dispenser. Summit Packaging Systems, Dallett Hoopes, September 10, 1996: US05553755 (84 worldwide citation)

In a whipped cream dispenser incorporating a tilt-type aerosol valve the tubular actuator has at its base a downwardly facing annular shoulder. This shoulder, by butting against the metal of the valve pedestal, prevents further tilting and further stress on the tubular valve spout. Further, ribs on ...

Thomas F Thornton: Dental treatment apparatus. Dallett Hoopes, May 29, 1990: US04928675 (66 worldwide citation)

The process involves the application of heated water, above 40.degree. C., to the teeth with simultaneous rotary brushing to remove plaque. The apparatus is a turbine power unit adapted to be connected to the heated water faucet and adapted to sit in the sink. A heated water exhaust conduit from the ...

Clay E Tully: Lockset having electric means for disabling and enabling the outer handle. Yale Security, Dallett Hoopes, May 28, 1991: US05018375 (54 worldwide citation)

Lockset has within its outer tubular spindle a radial dog which, depending on its position, couples or decouples the spindle and the outer handle. Dog is moved from one position to the other by pin on rotary motor shaft screwing in or out a spring encircling the shaft and attached to dog. Motor is i ...

Walter E Surko Jr: Door lock having disengages outer lever handle when in the locked condition and means to bias the handle toward horizontal position. Yale Security, Dallett Hoopes, May 1, 1990: US04920773 (45 worldwide citation)

A drive element in this lock pushes a radially directed outward finger out of its longitudinal slot in the outer tubular spindle to disengage the outer handle from the latch so that the handle free-wheels. Spring means in the outer handle rose returns the handle to its normal horizontal position whe ...

Gus W Wallin: Electric coffee maker. Hamilton Beach, Dallett Hoopes, May 17, 1988: US04744291 (45 worldwide citation)

To control temperature of brewing water, check valve of flow-through-heater-type coffee maker is modified so that travel of the check valve is adjustable to control rate of flow through the heating tube and, as a consequence, temperature of extracting water.

Larry C Sledge: Spouted bottle. Specialty Packaging Licensing Company, Dallett Hoopes, January 15, 1991: US04984714 (44 worldwide citation)

In this assembly the spout attachment has at the top of its vertical wall a flat annular wiper flange having an upstanding sealing bead. The flange is clamped between the top of the mouth of the bottle and the undersurface of the closure so that the bead seals against the closure and no liner is nec ...