Michael Cecchi: Surgical biopsy device. GenX International, Dale L Carlson, Thomas F Presson, Wiggin & Dana, December 15, 1998: US05848978 (108 worldwide citation)

A surgical core biopsy apparatus, having a hollow elongated member with an axis and a leading end, a sharpened edge at a portion of the leading end for cutting tissue along the axis, an actuator, and a cutting edge, linked to the actuator, being movable along a path including a transverse component ...

Desmond M Walsh, Richard J Fellinger: Display shelf. Mechtronics Corporation, Wiggins and Dana, Anthony P Gangemi, Dale L Carlson, February 28, 2006: US07004334 (58 worldwide citation)

A bottle glorifier may be mounted on the interior surface of a glass refrigerator case door. A body holds a side-to-side array of exemplary containers. A separate adapter accommodates particular sizes or combinations of sizes of containers for a given body.

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The present invention relates to an aqueous conductive polymer thick film-forming composition comprising a water-soluble thermoplastic polymer, a polymer dispersion in water, a glycol drying-retarder agent, an electrically conductive amount of conductive metal and/or carbon particles and water. The ...

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Disclosed are pyrithione-containing coating compositions exhibiting a combination of in-can preservation against microbial attack plus antimicrobial efficacy of the dry film resulting from the use of the coating composition on a substrate. Also disclosed is a process for imparting in-can and dry fil ...

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The present invention relates to non-spherical and/or non-platelet pyrithione particles. Also disclosed is a method for producing non-spherical and/or non-platelet particles of pyrithione salts, comprising reacting pyrithione or a water-soluble salt of pyrithione and a water-soluble polyvalent metal ...

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Disclosed is a radiation-crosslinkable thermoplastic polymer composition, a process for the preparation thereof, an angioplasty balloon made using such a composition, and a method of using the angioplasty balloon. The composition contains a reactive monomer cross-linker, that facilitates cross-linki ...

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Disclosed is a process for inhibiting the formation of discoloration in an aqueous composition selected from the group consisting of water-based paint, adhesive, caulk and sealant compositions, and combinations thereof, wherein said discoloration is caused by the presence of ferric ion or cupric ion ...


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This invention relates to a process for coating a substrate comprising contacting the substrate with a low volatile organics, moisture curable, two-component coating composition comprising an admixture of an A-side and a B-side, said A-side comprising an aliphatic polyisocyanate having an isocyanate ...

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This invention relates to the production of spandex fibers made from segmented polyurethane(urea)s which are prepared from low unsaturation-containing polyols made by polymerizing alkylene oxides in the presence of a double metal cyanide complex catalyst. With the low unsaturation-containing polyols ...