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An improved E-field generator including a slow-wave transmission line structure is provided herein. In some cases, the improved E-field generator may include an inductively-loaded slow-wave transmission line structure driven by a power source at one end of the structure and terminated by a load at t ...

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A system and method of providing secure communications between two or more hosts connected to a public network, where a secure virtual network (SVN) is established among the two or more hosts.

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A method for forming a magnetic tunneling junction (MJT) is provided. In some embodiments, the method may include patterning one or more magnetic layers to form an upper portion of a MTJ. The method may further include patterning one or more additional layers to form a lower portion of the MTJ. In s ...

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Several different embodiments of an electronic document delivery system are described including a client machine (e.g., a palmtop/handheld computer or wireless communication device) coupled to a transcoder proxy. One embodiment of the system allows a client machine with limited resources to support ...

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A data communication system and an associated network node implementation is disclosed that, in certain embodiments, uses single-channel bi-directional communication links between nodes to send frames of data. The network nodes can be connected together in a ring or daisy chain topology with data fr ...

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A basic cell circuit architecture having plurality of cells with fixed transistors configurable for the formation of logic devices and/or single/dual port memory devices within a structured ASIC is provided. Different configurations of ensuing integrated circuits are achieved by forming variable int ...

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Systems for inspection of patterned and unpatterned wafers are provided. One system includes an illumination system configured to illuminate the specimen. The system also includes a collector configured to collect light scattered from the specimen. In addition, the system includes a segmented detect ...

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Methods and systems for inspecting a reticle are provided. In an embodiment, a method may include forming an aerial image of the reticle using a set of exposure conditions. The reticle may include optical proximity correction (OPC) features. The method may also include detecting defects on the retic ...

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Methods and systems are provided which are adapted to process a microelectronic topography, particularly in association with an electroless deposition process. In general, the methods may include loading the topography into a chamber, closing the chamber to form an enclosed area, and supplying fluid ...

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Methods and systems for evaluating and controlling a lithography process are provided. For example, a method for reducing within wafer variation of a critical metric of a lithography process may include measuring at least one property of a resist disposed upon a wafer during the lithography process. ...