Craig Allen
Craig Allen White, Satyajit Deb, Tao Xu, Zhang Xiaojun, Zhang Rong: Book spread identification arrangement for a board book. D Peter Hochberg Co Lpa, March 1, 2007: US20070046483-A1

A book spread identification arrangement for a board book is provided, the arrangement comprising a plurality of conductive paths, a contact apparatus disposed adjacent to at least part of at least one of the conductive paths and processing apparatus connected to the conductive paths and configured ...

Craig Allen
Jeremy Aaron Abel, Satyajit Deb, Thomas Michael McKeon, Steven Michael Schennum, Craig Allen White: Touch sensitive flashlight. D Peter Hochberg Co Lpa, August 3, 2006: US20060171142-A1

A flashlight having a non-conductive housing, an electric power source, a light source, and two nodes disposed on external surfaces of the non-conductive housing, wherein the flashlight is adapted to allow electric current to flow from the power source through the light source when both of the two n ...

Richard H Mertes, Joseph P Frantz: Agitator assembly for vacuum cleaner. D Peter Hochberg Co Lpa, August 28, 2003: US20030159240-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

An agitator assembly for a vacuum cleaner comprises a dowel assembly with recesses at its opposite ends defined by outwardly inclined walls. Each recess has inwardly facing radial vanes, and a shaft end for holding the inner ring of a bearing assembly. End caps extend over the ends of the dowel, and ...

Yoshiyuki Kouyama: Working vehicle with transverse travel system. D Peter Hochberg Co Lpa, January 15, 2004: US20040007415-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A vehicle body (2) is provided with front wheels (3) installed to be turnable around vertical axes (27), front wheel turning means (30) for turning the front wheels, rear wheels (4.) installed to be turnable around vertical axes (49), and rear wheels turning means (50) for turning the rear wheels. T ...

Masami Higaki, Hiromi Ishida, Nobuo Masano, Seishi Morishita: Working vehicle with transverse travel system. D Peter Hochberg Co Lpa, February 13, 2003: US20030029660-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Front wheels (3) are attached to transmission devices (30) which are mounted to the vehicle body (2) to be rotatable around vertical axes (27), and rotating means (55) are provided between the side of the vehicle body (2) and the transmission devices (30), whereby the front wheels are steered to tur ...


Yukihiro Matsushita, Motoyasu Yano, Masashi Ishikawa: Ultrasonic motor and method for manufacturing the same. D Peter Hochberg Co Lpa, March 20, 2003: US20030052574-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic motor comprises a stator, a rotor and a fixing portion. The stator has a first block, a second block and a piezoelectric element, which is held between the first and second blocks. The piezoelectric element vibrates when receiving a drive voltage having a predetermined frequency, and t ...

Robert C Ruhl: Multipurpose reversible electrochemical system. Technology Management, D Peter Hochberg Co LPA, The Baker Building 6th Floor, May 16, 2002: US20020058175-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A reversible electrochemical system adapted to operate between a fuel cell mode, an electrolysis mode, and a mode alternating between electrolysis mode and fuel cell mode, also referred to as an energy storage mode, operating on a fuel gas mixture and an oxygen-containing gas mixture. While in the f ...

Roy Lee Orndorff: Grooved staved bearing assembly. Duramax, D Peter Hochberg Co LPA, August 30, 2001: US20010017952-A1

A bearing assembly for supporting a drive shaft of a ship wherein the shaft is generally to be supported by such bearing assembly in a horizontally extending position. The bearing assembly has a housing with a cylindrical shell mounted therein having a central bore with a longitudinally extending ce ...

Michael Dittgen, Sabine Fricke, Christoph Volkel, Kathrin Ahrens, Hagen Gerecke, Kai Kopke: Transdermal compositions with enhanced skin penetration properties. Jenapharm & Co Kg, D Peter Hochberg Co LPA, August 30, 2001: US20010018073-A1

The invention relates to a transdermal therapeutic system for application to the skin and/or mucosa consisting of at least one active substance in the form of a solid dispersion in combination with at least one destructuring agent and/or at least one structuring agent in a common matrix.