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Chimaeric or wholly foreign immunoglobulin is obtained from cells or body fluid of a transgenic animal which has had inserted into its germline genetic material that encodes for at least part of an immunoglobulin, of foreign origin or that can rearrange to encode a repertoire of immunoglobulins, i.e ...

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An artificial, triple-lobed semilunar valve is disclosed for replacing the aortic or pulmonary valve in the heart. The valve includes a flexible suture ring which conforms to the shape of the aortic root and three flexible pockets which are mounted within the suture ring. When fluid flows through th ...

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A device for therapeutic heating by hyperthermia comprises an emitter which focuses ultrasonic radiation into biological tissues and produces localized heating, especially for the treatment of tumors. The radiation emitter consists of a piezoelectric plate subdivided into annular radiating zones of ...

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A drive apparatus for a liquid crystal dazzlement preventing mirror arrangement for automatically setting a liquid crystal panel of the mirror arrangment to a dazzlement preventing state by detecting illuminance on the mirror surface and brightness in region near the mirror. An incident light detect ...

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An instantaneous direction changing rotation mechanism in which its driving shaft and driven shaft have coincident central lines, the driving shaft can be controlled for transmission via either a direction changing train of gear with negative train value or casing of gear for driving the driven shaf ...

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A system for identifying a seal stamp comprises a memory having stored therein two impression reference patterns, namely an original reference pattern and a latest reference pattern, for the seal stamp. An impression pattern read by a reader is collated with the latest reference pattern, and when th ...

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A device for the indirect, non-invasive and continuous measurement of blood pressure in a finger by using a photo-electric plethysmograph having a pressure cuff to be placed around the finger and to be filled with fluid, an associated light source and light detector, an electronic circuit, and an el ...

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The present invention not only accumulates the number of steps walked, but also sounds delightful music to entertain the walker's body and mind, and further, it can make a sound with beats to inspire the walker's spirit and vigor.

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Substantially monomer-free, electrically conductive organic polymers and/or organic conductors are dissolved or dispersed in a melt or solution of a thermoplastic matrix polymer or polymer mixture partially compatible therewith and having a solubility parameter >8.6 (cal/cm.sup.3).sup.1/2, in order ...

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In a method for removal of dental plaque and caries in dentistry, there is applied to the teeth a high velocity pulsating jet stream of liquid possibly subjected also to ultrasonic vibration. The jet stream is pulsated, preferably with pulsations having a pressure-time wave form which includes, in e ...