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The present invention includes a system and method of electronically executing transactions with a preprogrammed main computer having data and image storage and retrieval equipment. A plurality of electronic images of works of art which are for sale are created by at least one listing dealer and sto ...

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A supported catalyst comprising a carbon fibril aggregate and a catalytically effective amount of a catalyst supported therein, a process for performing a catalytic reaction in fluid phase using the supported catalyst and a process for making the supported catalyst are disclosed.

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The invention relates to compounds of the formula ##STR1## in which R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and Q are as defined in the description, X is NH or oxygen and E is a bond or a 1- to 4-membered carbon chain, to a process for their preparation, to agents containing them, and to their use in the control ...

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A process for dispersing finely divided solids by melamine-formaldehyde resins which are modified with sulfite, amidosulfonic or sulfonic acid groups and treated to enhance their dispersion action.

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An educational aid and a method for using it to teach students to read by facilitating the rapid development of extensive sight-word vocabularies in an interesting and challenging manner through the utilization of a student's natural ability to learn and memorize a text. The educational aid includes ...

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Devices are provided for use in lifting an automobile wheel into an automobile body. An elongated member releaseably engages an automobile wheel and pivots on the body of the automobile as the elongated member is lifted to lift the automobile wheel into the body. In addition, devices and methods are ...

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In the pH glass electrode comprising a double-walled glass tube in which an electrical screen is provided between the walls, the inner glass tube is sealed at one end with a glass lid and at the other end with a pH-sensitive glass membrane which forms, with the glass tube, a cavity which is filled w ...