Tadao Inoyama, Kokichi Aomori, Hidekazu Terai: Versatile automatic transaction equipment. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, September 4, 1979: US04166945 (200 worldwide citation)

A versatile automatic transaction equipment comprises: a basic module including a user operation unit, an ID card processing unit, a transaction recording unit, and a cash delivery unit for cash payment transaction or verification of customer account balance; a deposit-receiving sub-module including ...

Keizo Otsuki, Hidetoshi Mochizuki, Akira Suzuki, Yoshio Adachi, Hideki Kosaka, Gen Murakami: Lead frame and semiconductor device employing the same with improved arrangement of supporting leads for securing the semiconductor supporting member. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, November 17, 1981: US04301464 (182 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a lead frame which is applied to a resin-molded semiconductor device. According to the lead frame of this invention, a quadrangular tab for supporting a semiconductor pellet is supported by four tab leads which extend along diagonal lines of the tab.

Charles R Patisaul, Fred R McDevitt, Edwin R Tarmain, Donald G Monteith: Digital, frequency-translated, plural-channel, vestigial sideband television communication system. Harris Corporation, Craig and Antonelli, January 8, 1980: US04183054 (162 worldwide citation)

A television communication system distributes plural VSB digitally encoded TV channels via an optical transmission link to one or more distribution terminals. At the headend the frequency band of each of the VSB signals is shifted down to baseband and transmitted in digital format. At each station a ...

Takatoshi Ikeda, Shuichi Hirano, Yasuyuki Kozima: Facsimile system. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, November 24, 1981: US04302781 (157 worldwide citation)

A facsimile apparatus of analog type is disclosed, in which, in order to shorten the transmission time, continuous white lines of the white background of the original are read variably in number during each scanning line period. The information thus read is transmitted to the receiver in synchronism ...

Robert C Davis, Robert W Boyd: Adaptive predistortion technique for linearizing a power amplifier for digital data systems. Harris Corporation, Craig and Antonelli, September 22, 1981: US04291277 (139 worldwide citation)

Distortion introduced into a multiamplitude signal format by a high power microwave amplifier is compensated by a system which adapts itself to non-linearities present in the amplifier and predistorts the input signals before they are subjected to the non-linearities created by the amplifier. The de ...

Katsuji Yamashita, Yasushi Nomura: Automatic chemical analyzing method and apparatus. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, February 2, 1982: US04313735 (132 worldwide citation)

A train of cuvettes are held on a turntable and serum specimen is sequentially sampled each time the turntable makes a revolution through more than 360.degree.. While the turntable is at rest, blank solution is poured into one cuvette, reagent is put into another cuvette and reactant solution is dra ...

Nicanor P DeMesa III, John E Laabs: Bus collision avoidance system for distributed network data processing communications system. Harris Corporation, Craig and Antonelli, July 28, 1981: US04281380 (119 worldwide citation)

A transmission collision avoidance scheme for a distributed network data processing communication system including a half-duplex communication board coupled to the system bus. In addition to a serial data bus and a clock bus, the system bus is configured to include a busy status line that is monitor ...

Raymond Stone: Invertible pump sprayer. Craig and Antonelli, March 30, 1982: US04322020 (115 worldwide citation)

An invertible pump sprayer is disclosed which enables a spray to be produced even with liquid material having viscosities as high as 100 cps. and regardless of the direction in which the spray is directed. The pump sprayer comprises a flexible container for containing the liquid material to be dispe ...

Atsushi Suzuki: Data card. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, May 13, 1980: US04202491 (112 worldwide citation)

A data card wherein various data are recorded with a fluorescent material which emits infrared rays when excited by infrared rays is disclosed.

Yuuhei Abe, Katsuo Mohri: Programmed timer for VTR. Hitachi, Craig and Antonelli, April 13, 1982: US04325081 (105 worldwide citation)

A programmed timer for presetting a video tape recorder for the time and reception channel when the video tape recorder starts and ends, comprising a processor circuit for processing the type of the data entered for reservation in a predetermined order, and means for sequentially displaying a proced ...