David A Cross: Thermally aided power sharing of power supplies with or without an external current share line. Astec International, Coudert Brothers, May 18, 1999: US05905645 (90 worldwide citation)

A thermally regulated power system, where the extent to which the temperature of a power module causes a change in the output power of the module depends on the output current of the module. Similarly, the extent to which the output current of the power module causes a change in the output power of ...

Rudolph Hugo Petrmichl, Leonard Joseph Mahoney, Ray Hays Venable III, Norman Donald Galvin, Bradley J Knapp, Fred Michael Kimock: Ion beam process for deposition of highly wear-resistant optical coatings. Monsanto Company, Coudert Brothers, March 30, 1999: US05888593 (90 worldwide citation)

An ion beam deposition method is provided for manufacturing a coated substrate with improved wear-resistance, and improved lifetime. The substrate is first chemically cleaned to remove contaminants. Secondly, the substrate is inserted into a vacuum chamber onto a substrate holder, and the air therei ...

Fred Burbank, Paul Lubock, Michael L Jones, Martin V Shabaz: Tissue acquisition system and method of use. SenoRx, Coudert Brothers, September 24, 2002: US06454727 (90 worldwide citation)

A tissue acquisition system includes radio frequency (RF) cutter loops which are extendable out a cannula to cut cylindrical tissue samples from a tissue of interest in a patient. The cannula includes inner and outer cannulae which are mutually rotatable and include cutouts through which the cutting ...

Michael L Jones, Jill Uyeno, Greig E Altieri: Echogenic coating. Vascular Control Systems, Coudert Brothers, January 14, 2003: US06506156 (90 worldwide citation)

Medical devices that are coated with an echogenic material that includes an electrically insulative base layer and an echogenic layer demonstrate both improved ultrasonic imaging and protection against RF electrical breakdown. The echogenic layer includes a polymeric matrix that (i) defines a plural ...

Jimmy Liu Jiang: Automated flight data management system. Mil Com Technologies, Coudert Brothers, August 21, 2001: US06278913 (89 worldwide citation)

A data processing system for automating the process of managing flight data and generating reports based on that data. The system accesses flight data transmitted on an airborne databus, where the data represents sensor readings indicative of various flight parameters. The accessed flight data is sa ...

Niels Diffrient: Ergonomic chair. Humanscale, Coudert Brothers, March 23, 2004: US06709058 (88 worldwide citation)

A chair of the tilting type which includes a base, a seat and back, with the base pivotally supporting the seat with two parallel links of a four-bar parallel linkage, with one of the links extending to support the back. The four-bar linkage is duplicated on each side of the chair by forming the two ...

David A Cross: Clamped continuous flyback power converter. Astec International, Coudert Brothers, October 29, 1996: US05570278 (87 worldwide citation)

Size reduction in a clamped power converter can be achieved, and stability of the converter under no-load and transient loads can be substantially improved, by operating the converter in a continuous flyback mode.

Richard Henwood: Putting stroke training device. Coudert Brothers, August 11, 1998: US05792001 (86 worldwide citation)

The critical features of the improved putting stroke training device of the present invention includes a Y-axis sensor means using a convertor for converting mechanical energy to electric energy for detecting and signalling whether the face of a putter strikes a golf ball perpendicular to the path o ...


Fred H Burbank, Paul Lubock, Michael L Jones, Nancy Forcier: Methods and chemical preparations for time-limited marking of biopsy sites. SenoRx, Coudert Brothers, July 30, 2002: US06427081 (84 worldwide citation)

Detectable markers that may be introduced into a cavity created by removal of a biopsy specimen to mark the location of the biopsy site so that it may be located in a subsequent medical/surgical procedure. The markers remain present in sufficient quantity to permit detection and location of the biop ...