Alfred A Johnson, Arthur Zimmet: Surgical suturing instrument. Johnson & Lorenz, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, August 14, 1979: US04164225 (357 worldwide citation)

A surgical suturing instrument including a first jaw carrying a capsule which contains a suture having needles attached to its ends, a second jaw for receiving the needles and cooperating with the first jaw to clamp tissue to be sutured, a plunger in the first jaw for transferring the needles from t ...

Roy Della M: Porous biomaterials and method of making same. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, December 30, 1975: US3929971 (293 worldwide citation)

Synthetic material having a microstructure substantially corresponding to the microstructure of porous carbonate skeletal material of marine life and made up of hydroxyapatite or whitlockite is useful as a biomaterial. These synthetic materials are made by converting porous carbonate skeletal materi ...

John P Hanton, Harley A Leach: Electronic livestock identification system. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, April 21, 1981: US04262632 (176 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification system for livestock, particularly adapted to tagging ruminating animals, such as cattle and sheep, comprising a transmitter capsule which is implantable in the animal and precoded to broadcast a series of binary coded electric pulses peculiar to the animal. An associate ...

Donald L McLaughlin, Ronald W Streiber: Reducing power consumption in calculators. MOS Technology, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, March 2, 1976: US03941989 (137 worldwide citation)

Continuous power and a high rate clock are supplied to a calculator while it is in an execute mode and is actually decoding and processing input information, but lower duty cycle power and lower duty cycle clock pulses are supplied during the subsequent display mode, when the only requirement is to ...

Chung Liang Tang, John M Telle: Tunable laser systems and method. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, September 28, 1976: US03983507 (129 worldwide citation)

A tunable laser includes a birefringent tuning crystal placed in the laser cavity. An electrical signal is applied to the tuning crystal to establish an electrical tuning field within the crystal, and a desired laser tuning rate as a function of the applied electrical signal is established by rotati ...

Robert R Brownlee, Frank O Tyers: Cardiac pacer energy conservation system. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, January 16, 1979: US04134408 (123 worldwide citation)

A system for extending the lifetime of an implantable cardiac pacer of the type having an internal primary battery power source includes an external energy transmitting source for selectively externally powering the pacer in order to reduce consumption of the internal battery power. While the pacer ...

Robert R Brownlee, Frank O Tyers, Carl Volz Sr: Low current telemetry system for cardiac pacers. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, May 31, 1977: US04026305 (115 worldwide citation)

A system for telemetering the performance of an implanted cardiac pacer incorporating a low power, low voltage, frequency-voltage sensitive pulse generator which supplies a pulse-interval-modulated telemetry output and includes an astable complementary multivibrator in combination with a voltage cli ...

Roy Curtiss III: Modified microorganisms and method of preparing and using same. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, February 26, 1980: US04190495 (114 worldwide citation)

Microorganisms have been developed which may be characterized as possessing substantially all of the following qualities or capabilities:

Momoki Sumi, Goro Kanda, Norio Iriguchi, Susumu Isohata, Kyoichi Sasaki: Microwave cooking apparatus. Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, March 2, 1976: US03941967 (111 worldwide citation)

A microwave oven comprises a heating element which produces heat by absorption of microwave radiation and on which is placed a material to be cooked with the interposition of a material support therebetween. If required, the heating element is disposed on a heat insulating body. A shield cover is ar ...

Robert R Brownlee, G Frank O Tyers, Paul H Neff: Monitoring system for cardiac pacers. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, March 6, 1979: US04142533 (105 worldwide citation)

A complete system for telemetering and monitoring the functioning of an implanted pacemaker as well as controlling the testing of the functions from a remotely located central facility is disclosed specifically comprising the provision of capabilities for directly and simultaneously transmitting fro ...

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