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A multi-application data card is capable of substituting for a plurality of existing single-application data cards. The multi-application data card is preferably a smart card recording data relating to a card user and a plurality of card issuers. The following fields are associated with each card is ...

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Adaptive brain stimulation systems and methods aids in the rehabilitation of patients from traumatic brain injury, coma, movement disorder, or other brain dysfunction. After a direct brain stimulator is implanted in a brain region of a patient, the patient is stimulated according to a set of stimula ...

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The invention provides a spinal disc implant comprising a ring shaped body including a first pair of opposed substantially parallel sides spaced apart by a second pair of opposed sides to define a central bore. A first one of the second pair of sides defines a substantially arcuate curve joining a f ...

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A surgical suturing instrument including a first jaw carrying a capsule which contains a suture having needles attached to its ends, a second jaw for receiving the needles and cooperating with the first jaw to clamp tissue to be sutured, a plunger in the first jaw for transferring the needles from t ...

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The apparatus for enabling a gaming machine in an establishment to provide credit to a player operating the machine without the player leaving the machine. The gaming machine has a card reader associated with it for transmitting player related financial data to a remote location for approval. A firs ...

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A balloon insertable and inflatable in the stomach to deter ingestion of food and having, when inflated, a plurality of smooth-surfaced convex protrusions disposed to permit engagement of the stomach wall by the balloon only at spaced localities, for minimizing mechanical trauma of the stomach wall ...

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A joint prosthesis for attachment to a bone of a patient, comprising an anchor with a head surface and a stem for attachment to an end of the bone, the head surface having an anatomically accurate shape.

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Synthetic material having a microstructure substantially corresponding to the microstructure of porous carbonate skeletal material of marine life and made up of hydroxyapatite or whitlockite is useful as a biomaterial. These synthetic materials are made by converting porous carbonate skeletal materi ...

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A cardiac monitoring and telemedicine method and system provides advanced ischemia and infarction analysis and monitoring. Advanced calculations are performed on ECG signals to obtain parameter values relating to myocardial ischemia and infarction. Dominant heart beats are averaged to form a smooth ...

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A travel planner system automatically constructs itineraries with available seats for a traveler's trip request which conform to pre-stored reasonableness standards which includes a satisfactory check on whether a connecting flight distance exceeds that of a possible direct flight by a preset distan ...