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A system and method for communicating with network devices without regard to the device type and/or manufacturer is described. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a global graphical user interface (GUI) for communicating with various network devices. The global GUI includes an intuitiv ...

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The present invention is directed to a method of pre-treating a lignocellulosic feedstock. The lignocellulosic feedstock comprises cereal straw, stover, or grass. One or more than one bale of lignocellulosic feedstock is conveyed into a pre-treatment reactor. Steam and acid are added to the bales an ...

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A multi-chip graphics system includes a master chip and a slave chip coupled by an interlink. The slave chip performs a graphics processing operation in parallel with the master chip, improving the performance of the master chip. In one embodiment, an individual graphics processing unit (GPU) chip i ...

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A bus permits the number of active serial data lanes of a data link to be re-negotiated in response to changes in bus bandwidth requirements. In one embodiment, one of the bus interfaces triggers a re-negotiation of link width and places a constraint on link width during the re-negotiation.

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The invention provides methods and compositions for improving the fidelity of a sequencing-by-synthesis reaction by using a nucleotide derivative that forms a hydrogen bond with a complementary nucleotide on a template, but fails to form a phosphodiester bond with the 3′ hydroxyl group of a primer u ...

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A multiprocessor system executes parallel threads. A controller receives memory requests from the parallel threads and coalesces the memory requests to improve memory transfer efficiency.

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A semiconductor device package includes a semiconductor device mounted and electrically coupled to a substrate, a package body encapsulating the semiconductor device against a portion of an upper surface of the substrate; and an electromagnetic interference shielding layer formed over the package bo ...

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Processes for preparing controlled samples of particles, including microorganisms and cells are described. A sample of particles is provided and separated into a predetermined number of desired particles by particle separation means. The predetermined number of particles is dispensed into a receptac ...

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A processor generates Z-cull information for tiles and groups of tiles. In one embodiment the processor includes an on-chip cache to coalesce Z information for tiles to identify occluded tiles. In a coprocessor embodiment, the processor provides Z-culling information to a graphics processor.

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A graphics system utilizes page table entries to provide information on the storage format used to store graphics data. The page table entries, in turn, may be used for address translation. Exemplary kinds of storage format information include compression mode, a packing mode for storing Z data in t ...