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Methods, apparatuses, and systems relating to image guided interventions on dynamic tissue. One embodiment is a method that includes creating a dataset that includes images, one of the images depicting a non-tissue internal reference marker, being linked to non-tissue internal reference marker posit ...

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An apparatus comprises a catheter, a conductive element and a balloon. The catheter has a lumen. The conductive element is disposed along the catheter. The balloon has an interior in fluid communication with the lumen of the catheter. The balloon is formed of a conductive material conductively coupl ...

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The invention provides methods for improving the accuracy of a sequencing-by-synthesis reaction by sequencing at least a portion of a template and at least a portion of template complementary sequence.

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A method includes identifying a geographic position of a wireless device. Data input by a user while the user is located at the geographic position of the wireless device is received. The data is associated with a landmark at the geographic position. The data is provided to a database based on the g ...

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A system and method for securing access to network resources are described. One embodiment includes an exemplary method for securing access to a network element and can include associating a network element with a set of data, and configuring a portion of the data to be responsive to a first subset ...

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The present invention relates to a semiconductor package and a semiconductor device and a method of making the same. The method of making the semiconductor package comprises: providing a substrate; attaching a chip to a surface of the substrate; forming a plurality of connecting elements for electri ...

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A computer system includes a computer rack configured to support a plurality of computer chassis in a computer stack region of the computer rack; a cooling plenum configured to draw air from a back side of a computer chassis supported in the computer rack and exhaust the air through an outlet port; ...

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Certain exemplary embodiments comprise an apparatus, comprising: a compressed gas container; a plurality of vials adapted to store a liquid medicament, each vial defining a longitudinal axis, the longitudinal axes of the plurality of vials parallel and non-co-axial, the plurality of vials fluidly co ...

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An apparatus includes a label configured to be coupled to a medicament delivery device. The label includes a first surface and a second surface. The first surface is configured to be coupled to an outer surface of the medicament delivery device. The second surface includes a textual indicia. The lab ...

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Suturing instruments in accordance with the invention are dimensioned and configured to apply sutures to approximate, ligate, or fixate tissue in, for example, open, mini-incision, trans-vaginal, laparoscopic, or endoscopic surgical procedures. In some embodiments, the suturing instruments include a ...