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Various tools and devices, such as golf clubs, are improved by the incorporation of a vibration absorbing material having a hardness of less than 40 durometer reading, a coefficient of friction of at least 0.6 and a dampening vibration greater than 55%. When used for a golf club the material can be ...

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A wallet size laminated medical information card is made by providing the information on a form at a physician's center. The information is then transmitted to a data base where it is reproduced on format software which adjusts the size of the information for wallet size. The information is then las ...

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The present invention relates to a transdermal therapeutic formulation comprising capsaicin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatant and pamabrom. The formulation is used to alleviate pain or discomfort in a mammal by being applied to the skin of the mammal thereby causing the active ingredients in the for ...

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Sealing of elongated packaging laminates of backed antistatic foam around spaced articles being packaged, using edge seals made by first applying heated melting shoes against foam edges of both laminates, then joining the melted foam edges and subjecting the assembly to rollers that press together t ...

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An electrically controlled faucet is disclosed which is operable by pushing a button or placing hands within the operating range of a sensor. The faucet is mounted to a sink deck or like surface using specially configured gasket means which insure against slippage of the faucet on the deck. The gask ...


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A knife sharpener is provided with a pre-sharpening section and with two honing sections. The pre-sharpening section includes a pair of spring biased back to back rotary disks. The honing sections include orbitally driven sharpening members.

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A remote controlled movable ball amusement device includes a hollow sphere having a propulsion mechanism within the sphere. The propulsion mechanism includes a receiver and a drive unit. The drive unit causes the sphere to move when actuated by the receiver. A remote transmitter sends signals to the ...

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An apparatus for storing, refrigerating and heating food items on a single tray in a single environment including a tray having at least one opening therein and a container together with means for positioning the container on the tray in alignment with the opening. A rack for the tray and a heater c ...

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A high speed knife sharpening apparatus where the surface of a first rotating abrasive element is that of a truncated cone and forms a first facet with microgrooves and a microburr. A second stage is a novel composite cone shaped honing wheel made up of a micro abrasive imbedded in an epoxy matrix. ...