Lloyd R Garren, Mary L Garren: Method and appartus for treating obesity. Connolly & Hutz, February 13, 1990: US04899747 (342 worldwide citation)

A stomach insert for treating obesity in humans by reducing the stomach volume comprises a flexible, free floating and unattached, inflatable balloon, the balloon being inflatable to a volume effective to reduce the stomach volume of a person being treated. At least a portion of the balloon has a se ...

Andreas Winter, Martin Antberg, Volker Dolle, Jurgen Rohrmann, Walter Spaleck: Process for the preparation of an olefin polymer using metallocenes having specifically substituted indenyl ligands. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Connolly & Hutz, April 19, 1994: US05304614 (170 worldwide citation)

A very active catalyst system for olefin polymerization comprises a cocatalyst, preferably an aluminoxane, and a metallocene of the formula I or Ia ##STR1## in which, preferably, M.sup.1 is Zr or Hf, R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 are alkyl or halogen, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 are hydrogen or alkyl, R.sup.5 and R.s ...

Robert V Kenna: Prosthetic knee implantation. Howmedica, Connolly & Hutz, November 29, 1988: US04787383 (149 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic knee is implanted after cutting the femor and tibia in the proper manner with the aid of instruments which include axial alignment guides and a series of cutting jigs.

William T Wilkinson: Casino drawing/lottery game and case/prize management system. Connolly & Hutz, July 14, 1992: US05129652 (147 worldwide citation)

Gambling activities in a single casino or group of casinos is enhanced by providing players with tickets or cards which qualify the players to special prizes such as from lottery drawings based upon such factors as play time and amount gambled as recorded on the ticket. Elevated tote boards mounted ...

Laurence H Fingler, L Scott Fingler, Geoffrey P Laycock: Fibre optic cable connector. Fiber Connections, Connolly & Hutz, April 6, 1999: US05892870 (138 worldwide citation)

A connector for fibre optic cable includes a housing having a plurality of female connectors therein. A multi-fibre optic cable has an end extending into the housing. Each of the fibres of the multi-fibre optic cable terminate at a respective one of the female connectors. Adhesive encases the fibres ...

Yu F Cheng: Connector jack. Connolly & Hutz, May 22, 1990: US04927385 (131 worldwide citation)

A connector jack including a molded retainer, a conducting pin centrally located within the molded retainer, and a resilient clamping element. The molded retainer is a cylindrical body having a central recess at its front end for receiving an annular prong of a plug, two slots at its rear end thereo ...

Frederick Hadtke: Food container. Hercules Incorporated, Connolly & Hutz, July 4, 1989: US04844263 (120 worldwide citation)

A food container comprises top and bottom members, with the bottom member including a lower base wall and an upwardly extending side wall. Spaced apart downwardly extending depressions are formed in the lower base wall, and each of these depressions has an inside wall surface spaced inwardly from th ...

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This invention relates to a process of manufacturing ketenes, more particularly, a process for manufacturing ketenes by gas phase dehydration of carboxylic acids. The catalyst used in this process consists of a high surface area silica of at least 100 m.sup.2 /gram.

Joseph S Wycech: Reinforced door beam. Henkel Corporation, Connolly & Hutz, March 23, 1999: US05884960 (118 worldwide citation)

A reinforced door beam has a hollow shell with an internal localized reinforcement. The localized internal reinforcement is positioned at the midspan of the shell and has a length of less than about one-third of the door beam shell. The localized internal reinforcement includes an inner shell which ...

Robert V Kenna: Prosthetic knee implantation. Howmedica, Connolly & Hutz, May 2, 1989: US04825857 (116 worldwide citation)

A tool for use in preparing a distal femur for the implantation of a prosthetic knee includes a central section having at least one handle. A positioning pin extends outwardly from the central section. A distal femoral condyles cutting jig is selectively connected to the central section.