Alberto Pellegri, Barry Michael Broman: Redox flow battery system and cell stack. Squirrel Holdings, Larry J Hume, Connoll Bove Lodge & Hutz, November 5, 2002: US06475661 (63 worldwide citation)

A redox flow battery composed of a plurality of cells in electrical series defined by a stacked and repetitive arrangement of a conductive intercell separator having a generally bipolar function, a positive electrode, an ion exchange membrane, a negative electrode and another conductive intercell se ...

Lucio Azzola, Eligio Zanchi: Contact supporting shaft for a low-voltage power circuit breaker. ABB Services S r l, Connoll Bove Lodge & Hutz, Myron K Wyche, November 1, 2005: US06960731 (6 worldwide citation)

A rotating contact supporting shaft for a low-voltage power circuit breaker, whose particularity consists of the fact that it has a modular structure that comprises, along the rotation axis, at least one first and one second supporting module (10, 20), each module being functionally coupled to at le ...

David Waterson, David Jonas Persson: Hydantoin derivatives useful as metalloproteinase inhibitors. AstraZeneca, Connoll Bove Lodge & Hutz, March 6, 2012: US08129412

Formula (I) wherein R1 is a (2-4C)alkyl and is substituted by two or more fluorine groups and R2 is methyl or ethyl, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in the treatment of diseases or medical condi ...

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