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The present invention comprises an improved telephone system and method that determine the identity of the callee of an incoming telephone call. A distinctive ring is selected by one or more of the users of the telephone prior to activating the feature or at a later time. Information about the indiv ...

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A superscalar microprocessor implements a microcode instruction unit that patches existing microcode instructions with substitute microcode instructions. A flag bit is associated with each line of microcode in the microcode instruction unit. If the flag bit is asserted, the microcode instruction uni ...

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A computer network includes a local management information server (MIS) and a common management information protocol (CMIP) management protocol adapter (MPA) for communication between the local MIS and remote agents characterized by an unknown information model. The network relies upon a computer pr ...

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A method and apparatus for switching between threads of a program in response to a long-latency event. In one embodiment, the long-latency events are load or store operations which trigger a thread switch if there is a miss in the level

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A microprocessor configured to cache basic blocks of instructions is disclosed. The microprocessor may comprise decoding logic, a basic block cache, and a branch prediction unit. The decoding logic is coupled to receive and decode variable-length instructions into padded instructions that have one o ...

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A system and method for generating source code example files for an application program in a computer system. In the preferred embodiment, the system and method is used for creating source code example files for the NI-DAQ driver software from National Instruments. The user first generates a code fl ...

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A PCI bridge is configured to perform delayed read operations in response to a memory read initiated on the PCI bus. Normally, the PCI bridge is configured to discard delayed read data read from main memory following a predetermined discard count time after the PCI master establishing the delayed re ...

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A cluster implements a virtual disk system that provides each node of the cluster access to each storage device of the cluster. The virtual disk system provides high availability such that a storage device may be accessed and data access requests are reliably completed even in the presence of a fail ...

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A system for maintaining reliable packet distribution in a ring network with support for strongly ordered, nonidempotent commands. Each consumer node on the network maintains a record of the sequence of packets that have passed through that node, and the state of each of the packets at the time it p ...

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A system and method implemented in an interactive television system for managing modules of interactive television applications. The system transmits modules from a broadcast station to a plurality of receiving stations through various paths, such as broadcast channels and modem channels. The receiv ...