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A controller for sequentially energizing a plurality of lights, such as commercial display lighting or Christmas tree light strings, includes a plurality of outlet receptacles into which the lights or light strings may be connected, a Triac for each receptacle to control the energization thereof, a ...

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A cable for transmitting electrical power incorporating a shield serving as a low resistance return path to carry heavy fault current. The shield comprises a multiplicity of helically wound elongate metallic elements such as straps, tapes or wires. The lay length of the metallic elements, if tapes o ...

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There is disclosed an electrically driven vehicle having suitable batteries to drive the vehicle on conventional roads. The vehicle has means thereon for receiving power from a conductor embedded in a prepared roadway for driving the vehicle and for charging the batteries. An important feature of th ...

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The introduction of surgical instruments into an animal body is effected, without tissue incision, by migrating a specially constructed hollow needle into the body behind a rotary augering tool journalled in the hollow needle. Surgical procedures may then be performed with the rotary tool or the sam ...

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The disclosure is broadly directed, in function, to an improved fastener-holding attachment whose purpose is to releasably integrate a fastener with its driving tool whereby the fastener becomes a rigid extension of the tool and may be driven without additional manual or other support.This function ...

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A spectacle frame of one-piece molded plastic construction for film-like lens, e.g., lens used in viewing 3-D movies, includes a pair of temple pieces connected by a crossbar and a lens frame and bridge piece joined to the crossbar by a hinge web. A latch integral with the crossbar engages the bridg ...

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Panels for cladding floors, walls and ceilings of rooms for locating ducting for carrying heating/cooling media for controlling the room temperature.

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A high speed open fishing boat construction has a hull portion, a top liner portion joined to said hull portion, and a fish live well assembly formed integral with the top liner portion and positioned so that its center of gravity is located on the longitudinal centerline of the top liner portion. T ...

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The described apparatus has utility as a doctor on a paper machine, as a drying element in an aircap dryer and as a sealing element in such a dryer. It involves a foot portion having an outer surface generally conforming to the curvature of the cylinder surface on which it is used. It is resiliently ...

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A ski harness for securing a ski boot to a ski includes adjustment features which premit canting of the boot relative to the ski and means whereby the boot harness may be locked into a variety of angular positions. The device also provides toe-in/toe-out adjustability as well as fore and aft longitu ...