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A vaulted diaphragm for providing occlusion in a descending thoracic aorta, includes a flexible and substantially circular element, and a plurality of resilient ribs having inner and outer ends supporting the circular element. The inner ends of the ribs are joined together at a hub with the ribs ext ...

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The present invention relates to a surgical retractor which comprises an inflatable sleeve that may be deflated, when not in use, so as to assume a precoiled position; and which may be inflated by air pressure, when in use, so as to define an uncoiled generally circular aperture.

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There is provided a system and methodology for identifying the heaviest product purchasers who regularly use coupons and determining their promotional behavior response patterns of which involves initially preparing a list of names and addresses of consumers who are the most likely heaviest product ...

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A device for adjusting a vertebral column with damaged vertebrae comprises an adjustable arm on a guiding axis and a stationary arm attached to the guiding axis, each arm having a hollow receiving body adjustable in two planes for a lengthening rod, which can be connected with a tire-fond. Each arm ...

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An endotracheal complex for insertion into the trachea of a patient, and wherein the trachea branches through the carina trachea distally into two bronchi, includes a tube which has a distal blunt and atraumatically shaped tip so as to restrain passage of the tip beyond the carina tracheae into the ...

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A suction bottle for aspirating would secretions containing a small quantity of a pressure-adjusting liquid selected so that its vapor pressure conforms to a desired vacuum level. The vacuum level is maintained until the suction bottle is almost completely filled. If the liquid dissolves in the aspi ...

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A device is described for storing, and periodically announcing the time for removal of, drug doses in pill, tablet or capsule form. A patient is warned at regular intervals to remove a drug dose from a blister pack serving as drug container.

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An implant for use in bone augmentation includes a hollow casing made of a resorbable material and a prosthetic filling material for bones contained within the casing. A method for bone augmentation includes the steps of making an incision adjacent to the augmentation site, inserting an implant comp ...

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There is provided a ski boot having two support elements arranged between the shaft and the inner show of the ski boot which overlap the region of the instep in the nature of a saddle. Each support element is engaged by a pulling element which in each case grips across the other support element and ...

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A mechanical translation system is provided to obtain a sentence of target language from the tree expression of source language. The processing progresses as follows: First, a pattern which coincides with partial structure, including the highest node, of the tree fragment chosen, is selected among p ...