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A controller apparatus and method for executing a plurality of control functions for communication of multimedia articles including voice, audio, text, still image, motion video and animated graphics which incorporates a frame memory system which is compatible with multiple standard or customized co ...

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A deflection slide clip for use in metal curtain wall construction or metal frame wall construction providing for horizontal support of a laterally loaded stud while accommodating vertical slip and/or vertical and horizontal slip of the primary frame.

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Deflection slide clip of two piece construction for use in curtain wall construction providing for horizontal support of a laterally loaded stud while it accommodates vertical slip of the primary frame.

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A cushion support for infants for use in cooperation with infant transport apparatus such as car seats, the support apparatus aiding in maintaining the infant's body in a proper posture. The apparatus is a T-shaped cushion member having a plurality of hook and loop fasteners, the T-shaped cushion me ...

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A fixed, removable dental implant having a precision cast support structure secured to the alveolar bone and a female supra structure conforming in shape to the precision cast support bar removably mounted and secured to the precision cast support bar by means of a locking mechanism in cooperation w ...

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An elongated C-shaped structural member for cooperation with the inner wall or partition and ceiling of a structure to confine a fire and prevent its spreading, the C-shaped structural member having an intumescent thermal gasket positioned on its outer vertical web face, and parallel extending flang ...

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A metal stent for vascular implantation comprising a generally tubular structure whose extend surface is adapted to engage the interior vascular surface when implanted, said metal of said stent containing a substantially uniform dispersion of from about 0.05 to about 10.00 percent by weight of one o ...

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A mounting bracket for a radar detecting unit comprised of a fixed or angularly adjustable V-shaped mount defined by two leg units, the first leg being secured to the radar detecting unit and the second leg having secured thereto at least one male electrical connector, this male connector and second ...

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There is disclosed a novel apparatus and process for the complete dewatering of sludge containing hazardous and toxic materials, the stabilization of pathogens and microorganisms contained in the sludge and the disintegration and volume reduction of the resultant solids including a blending chamber ...

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A mounting assembly for a carrier accessory for vans and automobiles which is adapted to be removably secured to a standard tow hitch and to provide sufficient ground clearance to allow simultaneous use of the tow hitch, the mounting assembly comprising a pair of mounting brackets slidably insertabl ...