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Described herein are methods and reagents for the selection of protein molecules that make use of RNA-protein fusions.

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The present invention provides compounds that inhibit Factor XIa and methods of preventing or treating undesired thrombosis by administering a compound of the invention to a mammal. The invention also provides three-dimensional structures of Factor XIa and methods for designing or selecting addition ...

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Described herein are methods and reagents for the selection of protein molecules that make use of RNA-protein fusions.

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An implantable medical device is configured so that all of the major components including a housing and attached leads are disposed within the vasculature of a patient. A tether extends from the housing of the device to an implant location where the tether is secured to tissue outside of the vascula ...


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Purified DNA encoding .alpha.(1,3)fucosyltransferase and the recombinant proteins expressed from such DNA are disclosed. The recombinant fucosyltransferase polypeptides are used to fucosylate proteins to produce therapeutics useful for the treatment of disease, e.g., an adverse immune reaction such ...

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A drug delivery system for antiglaucomatous medications utilizing a polymeric hydrogel which can absorb an ophthalmic medication which can then be transferred into the ocular fluid of the eye.

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The invention relates generally to a system for promoting regeneration of a damaged nerve. In particular, the invention comprises: (1) a guide tube constructed to be attached to the damaged nerve; (2) guiding filaments disposed within the guide tube; and, (3) a therapeutic composition enclosed by th ...

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Periodontal disease can be treated by the administration of metal ions, preferably silver ions, to the site where the microorganisms that cause this disease reside. Administration can be to periodontal pockets or adjacent to exposed tooth roots or alveolar bone during periodontal surgical procedures ...

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In general, the invention features a method of marking a product for identification in which a marker, composed of a low molecular weight hapten covalently bound to a compound, is associated with the product. Where the marker is non-deleterious to the product, inert with respect to the product, and ...