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The invention concerns a stabilized interbody fusion system for vertebrae, of the type comprising an interbody implant (4) designed to be inserted in the intervertebral space defined between two neighboring vertebrae to be mutually secured, so as to restore the height and the angle of the lordosis o ...

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A hemispherical dielectric resonator is arranged on a metal substrate to make a flat surface of the hemispherical dielectric resonator contact with the metal substrate, and a dielectric wave-guiding channel is connected with a curved side surface of the hemispherical dielectric resonator. Therefore, ...

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Platelet rich plasma and/or platelet concentrate is prepared by placing whole blood in a first chamber of a sterile processing disposable having two chambers. The processing disposable is subjected to a first centrifugation to separate red blood cells, and the resulting platelet rich plasma supernat ...

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A vector block information indicating a plurality of line segment rows is read out from a block map. Each line segment row divides an area of a block from an area of a road in an image drawing region. Each point at which one end of a line segment row contacts with a boundary line of the image drawin ...

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An optical fiber has a small diameter core for transmitting one or more wavelength multiplexed first light signals in a first direction, and an inner cladding for transmitting a second light signal in the opposite direction. A lower-index outer cladding or buffer is used to confine the second signal ...

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A separator disk (4) for use in centrifugal separation of components is designed to automatically position itself during separation at the interface between the supernatant and the remaining components. Preferably the interface is between plasma and red blood cells.

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When a two-division structure heat treatment jig for semiconductor substrate that includes a silicon first jig that comes into direct contact with a semiconductor substrate that is heat treated and supports the semiconductor substrate, and a second jig (holder) that holds the first jig and is mounte ...

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A multimedia playing apparatus plays hypermedia titles each consisting of a plurality of monomedia objects including at least one finite time monomedia object such as a video object, which is formatted as a sequence of fixed-length playing sections such as video frames and functions as a base-axis o ...

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A disk prosthesis includes first and second plates (2, 3) to be fixed on neighboring cervical vertebrae and an articulation arrangement (7) inserted between the two plates in a superposed position. The articulation arrangement allows for flexion-tension movements in a sagittal plane (S) according to ...

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This invention aims to provide a magnetic head for a magnetic reader improved so that the data can be read out from the magnetic storage medium with high security, that is, without an anxiety that the data might be illegally read out and, even if the data is illegally read out, such illegally read o ...