James A Cotter: Self-cleaning cat waste disposal device. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, June 27, 1978: US04096827 (55 worldwide citation)

A self-cleaning cat waste disposal device having a portable suitcase style container structure with two substantially identical compartments pivotally connected together along one edge thereof and latchable together by a three-way handle along an opposite edge thereof. A pivotally mounted screen uni ...

Henry P Grard, Daniel LaVietes, Edmond M Mergelsberg: Dimensionally stable cellulosic backing web. Georgia Bonded Fibers, Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, January 20, 1981: US04245689 (54 worldwide citation)

An improved dimensionally stable backing web is disclosed, especially for resilient flooring product and linoleum, comprising cellulosic fiber, a binder, antioxidant, fungicide and glass fiber, as well as optionally dyes or pigments, surfactants and vulcanizing agents. Also optionally present are ca ...

Fred Levine: Mounting assembly with selectively used one-piece or two-piece brackets. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, July 5, 1977: US04033531 (53 worldwide citation)

A kit for mounting electric motors, refrigerant tanks, and the like, on a support surface has a clamp including a strap embracing an article to be mounted. Support brackets, each having an upstanding leg portion and a depending base portion, are provided with suitable apertures and slots in the leg ...

Oscar J Woods: Paperweight with screw threaded bottom cap. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, March 29, 1977: US04014122 (53 worldwide citation)

A paperweight having a heavy, transparent glass or plastic upper portion and a screw threaded opaque bottom cap. Display photos are insertable between the transparent upper portion and the opaque cap.

Hovey S Altenburg: Cutter hub with replaceable knife blades for underwater pelletizer. Gala, Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, February 17, 1981: US04251198 (52 worldwide citation)

A cutter hub for use in an underwater pelletizer such as disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 4,123,207, issued Oct. 31, 1978, which includes a replaceable, double or single edged blade attached to each arm of the hub with a major portion of the length of the blade being attached to and supported by the arm o ...

John B Jones, Robert W Upton: Spear-type tractor-attached hay bale pickup device. Four Star, Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, October 17, 1978: US04120405 (52 worldwide citation)

A device for impaling and lifting hay bales consisting of a long, round, pencil-pointed shaft for said purpose plus two shorter shafts of similar design protruding just below and to each side of the main impaling spear for the purpose of stabilizing the bale in the process of loading and handling. T ...

Daniel W Fox: Method of making a tethered ball apparatus. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, February 5, 1980: US04186921 (52 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed of forming a tethered ball practice apparatus by attaching one end of a hollow braided tether line to a hollow perforated ball and the other end of the line to a handle. One end of the tether line is passed throug h a hole in the ball and then passed through a short length of p ...

Arnold J Auger: Adjustable rifle rest. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, March 22, 1977: US04012860 (52 worldwide citation)

A lower base is provided and an elongated generally horizontal support member is oscillatably supported from the base for angular displacement about a generally horizontal axis. The support member extends in a direction transverse to the axis of oscillation thereof and includes structure spaced abov ...

Bennie G Perdue: Rotary flail cutter system. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, January 16, 1979: US04134204 (52 worldwide citation)

A spool upon which one or more lengths of filament are wound is provided and housed within a cylindrical cover having one or more generally radial openings formed through one wall portion thereof and the free ends of the filaments are threaded through the openings and extend outwardly therefrom for ...

Roy R Rakestraw: Supporting structure for plants. Clarence A O Brien, Harvey B Jacobson, February 17, 1981: US04250666 (51 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed for supporting plants for decorative or gardening purposes. A plurality of rotatable or fixed trays or shelves are mounted on a central support, and shelves can optionally be added on the sides of the device, such as adjustable shelves for potted plants.