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Multimodal emulsions comprising a blend of at least one polymeric microemulsion provide for high solids and low bulk viscosity. Convenient and versitale processes for preparing multimodal emulsions are also provided. Mannich (alk)acrylamide polymeric microemulsions are among the numerous different p ...

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New additives in rubber compositions improve tire cord adhesion without need to use resorcinol. The new additives are derivatives of melamine, aceto guanamine, benzoguanamine, cyclohexylguanamine, and glycoluril, substituted with at least two vinyl-terminated radicals. Preferred compounds may also b ...

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A solvent extraction composition is comprised of one or more orthohydroxyarylaldoximes and one or more othohydroxyarylketoximes, and one or more equilibrium modifiers in an amount providing a degree of modification of the orthohydroxyarylaldoximes from about 0.2 to 0.61

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Stable compositions comprising a blend of at least two inverse emulsions, at least one of which is a polymeric microemulsion, provide effective flocculating performance over time. Methods for preparing stable emulsion blends use stabilizing amounts of aldehyde scavenger.

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Compositions comprising a blend of (1) an ionic, water-soluble, vinylamide polymer containing sufficient vinylamide and --CHOHCHO substituents to be thermosetting and a ratio of glyoxal substituents to glyoxal-reactive substituents in excess of about 0.02:1.0 and (2) a glyoxalated, cationic, water-s ...

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