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A catheter for use with a guide wire which can be guided from an external body access site to an internal tissue, and into the tissue along a tortuous path of at least about 5 cm through vessels of less than about 3 mm lumen inner diameter. The catheter includes a relatively stiff proximal segment d ...

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Injectable aqueous suspensions of biomaterials, such as cross-linked collagen, that contain a biocompatible fluid lubricant, such as glycogen or maltose, are disclosed. The inclusion of the lubricant significantly improves the intrusion of the suspension into soft tissue.

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The invention offers an early detection method for atherosclerosis using genetic analysis to detect a polymorphisms shown to be correlated with this disease which are proximal to the apolipoprotein AI (apoAI) and aplipoprotein CIII (apoCIII) gene complex. All individuals with a 300 bp deletion 4 kb ...

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A suspension of liposomes whose sizes are predominantly greater than about 1 micron is passed through an asymmetric ceramic filter whose inner-surface pore size is about 1 micron. The processed liposomes have a selected average size of about 0.4 microns or less, depending on the number of filter cyc ...

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Methods for diagnosis employing polynucleotides having oligonucleotide sequences substantially homologous to a sequence of interest, where the presence or absence of hybridization at a predetermined stringency provides for the release of a label from a support. Particularly, various techniques are e ...

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A composition for use in bone repair, in particular, in onlay procedures, which comprises calcium phosphate mineral particles in admixture with atelopeptide reconstituted fibrillar collagen preparations is disclosed. This composition is non-immunogenic and encourages the fusion of host bone with new ...

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A method of repairing bone defects by use of suspensions containing purified atelopeptide, reconstituted, fibrillar skin collagen or bone collagen powder or mixtures thereof is disclosed. The suspensions provide matrices for conductive growth of bone into the defect. The skin collagen may also be ly ...

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A contingent dosing device which actively controls the pattern in which doses of one or more pharmaceutical preparations are administered to a patient. The device is programmed with information concerning an initial dosing regimen, and monitors deviations from that regimen. Based on the acceptabilit ...

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Novel methods and compositions are provided for enhanced yield of heterologous proteins in fungi. The method and compositions involve employing fusion sequences involving a sequence encoding a heterologous product produced in relatively large amount as a stable polypeptide in the host fused to a sec ...

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A mixing device for preparing inductive and conductive bone repair compositions is disclosed, along with a method for using the device for preparing such compositions. The device provides a simple and rapid method of making a substantially uniform collagen/mineral bone implant preparation.