Frederic H Moll: Trocar assembly. Endotherapeutics Corporation, Ciotti & Murashige, July 22, 1986: US04601710 (494 worldwide citation)

A trocar assembly (70) formed from a trocar tube subassembly (74) and a separable, interfitting trocar subassembly (72). The trocar tube assembly includes a head (112) having a bore (120) into which a trocar tube (116) is fitted and a manually operated slide valve assembly (118) mounted transversely ...

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A trocar assembly consisting of a trocar tube subassembly and a separable, interfitting trocar subassembly is described. The trocar tube assembly includes a hollow body having a first front opening in which a trocar tube is mounted, a second rear opening for receiving the trocar subassembly, and a m ...

Erik T Engelson: Catheter for guide-wire tracking. Target Therapeutics, Ciotti & Murashige Irell & Manella, April 26, 1988: US04739768 (389 worldwide citation)

A catheter for use with a guide wire which can be guided from an external body access site to an internal tissue, and into the tissue along a tortuous path of at least about 5 cm through vessels of less than about 3 mm lumen inner diameter. The catheter includes a relatively stiff proximal segment d ...

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Injectable aqueous suspensions of biomaterials, such as cross-linked collagen, that contain a biocompatible fluid lubricant, such as glycogen or maltose, are disclosed. The inclusion of the lubricant significantly improves the intrusion of the suspension into soft tissue.

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Cross-linked atelopeptide collagen that is substantially free of residual cross-linking agent is prepared by: reconstituting atelopeptide collagen from solution by neutralizing the solution at a reduced temperature and a hypotonic ionic strength; cross-linking the reconstituted fibers in an aqueous ...

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The invention offers an early detection method for atherosclerosis using genetic analysis to detect a polymorphisms shown to be correlated with this disease which are proximal to the apolipoprotein AI (apoAI) and aplipoprotein CIII (apoCIII) gene complex. All individuals with a 300 bp deletion 4 kb ...

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An injectable implant material for soft tissue augmentation comprising a dispersion of (a) particles of cross-linked atelopeptide collagen; and (b) reconstituted fibrous atelopeptide collagen in a (c) physiological aqueous carrier. Implants of this material have improved persistence relative to curr ...

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A composition suitable for inductive bone implants is disclosed. The composition comprises a purified form of osteogenic factor in admixture with an carrier having a percentage of non-fibrillar collagen. The resulting implants are sufficiently hypo-immunogenic to be effective when implanted in xenog ...

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A moldable bone-implant material containing between about 65%-95% hard filler particles and a binder composed of between about 35%-5% of a biocompatible, biodegradable, thermoplastic polymer which has fluidic flow properties at or below about 60.degree. C. One preferred binder is polylactic acid hav ...

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A suspension of liposomes whose sizes are predominantly greater than about 1 micron is passed through an asymmetric ceramic filter whose inner-surface pore size is about 1 micron. The processed liposomes have a selected average size of about 0.4 microns or less, depending on the number of filter cyc ...