Chen Chao, Skula E Richard: Articulating endometrial ablation device. Ethicon, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, January 6, 2000: WO/2000/000099 (24 worldwide citation)

This invention is an intrauterine ablation device having a catheter (65), a handle (170), and a distensible bladder (155). The catheter contains a joint (210) such that the catheter may be articulated to facilitate access to the uterus.

Matzinger David P, Daffern George M: Optically readable strip for analyte detection having on-strip standard. Lifescan, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, March 14, 1996: WO/1996/007908 (7 worldwide citation)

A test strip is provided for having liquid applied thereto and for determining the presence or quantity of an analyte in such liquid. Specifically, the test strip comprises a reaction zone which varies in reflectance as a function of the quantity of analyte present in the applied liquid. The strip i ...

Beers Scott A, Malloy Elizabeth, Wachter Michael P, Wu Wei: Substituted imidazoles useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Ortho Mcneil Corporation, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, October 29, 1998: WO/1998/047892 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a series of substituted imidazoles of Formula (I), pharmaceutical compositions containing them and intermediates used in their manufacture. The compounds of the invention inhibit the production of a number of inflammatory cytokines, and are useful in the treatment of diseas ...

Gole Dilip J, Wilkinson Paul K, Davies J Desmond, Levinson R Saul: Pharmaceutical and other dosage forms. Janssen Pharmaceutica, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, November 25, 1993: WO/1993/023017 (4 worldwide citation)

A fast dissolving, solid dosage form defined by a matrix containing gelatin, pectin and/or soy fiber protein and one or more amino acids having from about 2 to 12 carbon atoms.

Hsei Paul K, Clare Christopher R, Alden Donald L: System and method for controlled infusion and pressure monitoring. Ethicon, Hsei Paul K, Clare Christopher R, Alden Donald L, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, May 25, 2000: WO/2000/028890 (2 worldwide citation)

Improved systems and methods are used for controlled infusion of fluid into a body cavity. In particular, the improved system allows a user to accurately control pressure created in a body cavity over a broad range of fluid flow rates required in various medical procedures. In one embodiment, the sy ...

Chen Chao, Skula E Richard, Carino Ettore M: Endometrial balloon ablation catheter having heater. Ethicon, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, January 6, 2000: WO/2000/000100 (1 worldwide citation)

A system for thermal ablation of endometrial tissue consisting of a distensible bladder (40), a catheter (20) containing one or more lumens to which the bladder (40) is attached, a heating element (120) located within the catheter, a catheter handle (50), and a control unit (200) detachably connecte ...

Maryanoff Cynthia A: Process for the preparation of $i(n)-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-retinamide. Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, February 2, 1995: WO/1995/003274 (1 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to an efficient, mild, high yield process for the large scale synthesis of $i(N)-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-retinamide comprising the preferred steps of reacting retinoic acid with dimethylchloroformamidinium chloride to form retinoyl chloride which in turn is reacted with bis-($i( ...

Cole Robert, Louie Lai Hing, Pierson Linda M, Yeganeh Mary: Multilayered tampon cover. Mcneil Ppc, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, July 1, 1999: WO/1999/032061 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a tampon (10) having an absorbent structure (14) and a multilayered cover (12) substantially enclosing the absorbent structure. The cover has an outer layer (20) capable of retaining liquid and an inner layer (22) disposed between the outer layer and the absorbent st ...

Burnett Katharine M, Kurtz Ellen S: Anhydrous topical skin preparations. Johnson And Johnson Consumer Companies, CIAMPORCERO Audley A Jr, June 15, 2000: WO/2000/033877 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides anhydrous compositions for topical delivery of a medicament comprising (A) a penetration enhancer/solvent selected from the group consisting of alcohol, propylene glycol, or a combination thereof; (B) a humectant/solvent selected from the group consisting of polyethyle ...

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A conditioning shampoo composition comprised of a mixture of anionic and amphoteric surfactants and optional conditioners which imparts cleansing, wet detangling, dry detangling and manageability to hair and which is relatively non-irritating and thus suitable for use by young children and adults ha ...