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A multiprogrammed multiprocessing information processing system having independently operating computing, input/output, and memory modules through an exchange, and interacting with a multi-level operating system designed to automatically makes optimum use of all system resources by controlling syste ...

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In a multiprocessor system, a source of description is provided in a unique work area assigned to each user program or process that references data and program stored in memory. Each description includes a first field defining the structure and format of the data, a second field specifying the locat ...

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A noncompetitive pacemaker connects to an organ which is to be electrically stimulated. A pair of programmable unijunction transistors are employed to detect the presence and absence of natural heartbeats so that the output of the pacemaker is modified each time a natural heartbeat is detected.

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Molded optical waveguide switching apparatus wherein a flat, planar light transmissive plastic member (10) of a refractive index N¿2? is premolded with orthogonally arranged obverse and reverse grooves or channels (18, 22) and wherein each such channel or groove is filled-in molded with a light tran ...

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A multiple group of line adapters (400, 500, 700) in a data-comm I/O subsystem (300) is controlled by a microprocessor (600) which provides for selection and control of components associated with each line adapter in the organization.